How the otosclerosis is manifested


  • What is otosclerosis
  • Symptoms of otosclerosis
  • Treatment - surgical

  • What is otosclerosis

    Under otoklerosis, dystrophic changes in the bone capsule of the labyrinth. These changes are focal in nature and are localized most often in the area of ​​the oval window; spreading, they capture the footing of the stupidity plate, which leads to a violation of its mobility. In case of violation of mobility, the sidewall signals from the middle ear cease to enter the inner ear, which leads to full deafness.

    Usually, the otosclerosis begins at a young age (16 - 20 years), more often in women than in men.

    Causes of the disease are not clarified to the present.

    Symptoms of otosclerosis

    How the otosclerosis is manifested

    The main and permanent symptom of the otoscolesis is the decrease in hearing. The nature of the damage to the hearing function depends mainly from the localization of the otosclerotic foci.

    During the defeat only the tearlessness decreases mainly sounding, bone conductivity remains normal. If the pathological process affected the snail, then sound perception is also affected.

    Another important symptom of otosclerosis is the noise in the ears. His appearance is associated with irritation of sensitive hearing nerves to the growing bone. Often noise is the main and first sign of the disease. Patients even note that they better hear in a noisy setting than in silence.

    The main characteristic feature of the otosclerosis is the progressive hearing loss. In some cases, the touginess develops quickly and leads to a complete deafness within 3 - 5 years. In other cases, the disease progresses slowly and deafness occurs only in twenty - thirty years from the beginning of the disease.

    The deterioration in the health state of patients often occurs after infectious diseases, intoxication, in women - after delivery.

    Treatment - surgical

    Since the cause of the disease is bone changes (and they are not amenable to therapeutic effects of impact), then one of the most effective methods of treatment is a surgical intervention, which removes rapidly and partially restores the transmission of excitations from medium to the inner ear.

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