Ulcer - disease infectious


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    The story of one ulcers

    I got sick with my kidney. Sometimes after eating pain. I honestly first paid attention to this not too much, because I thought it was just an aggravation of gastritis. But then the pain became constant, and they manifested in different ways: that «shot» in the back, then to the top of the chest. Heazezed heartburn. Here I was afraid: it's not heartly fierce? Because it read somewhere that such symptoms are characteristic of both infarction. Nothing to do — ran to the doctor. After a number of surveys, it turned out that I have a gastric ulcer. «That's what is my friend, — said good doctor, looking at me on top of the glasses, — if you do not be treated, then it will come sideways. By the way, complications can be very heavy: for example, bleeding and sprinkling ulcers. Then you have to urgently do surgery… By the way, my friend, ulcer, because and in a malignant tumor can be reborn. This occurs in 60% of patients. Do you want that?»

    News first (bad): ulce

    Ulcer - disease infectious
    I didn't want anything like this. «I beg, doctor, save, — Zanal Ya. — This is because the payment for the sins of youth, for the wrong way of life, is not? Power supply in street eaters, alcohol… stress». «And this, of course, too, — Said Dr, — But in vain you think that there are no ulcers from sober. Stress, smoking, improper nutrition and environmental factors can provoke an outbreak of the disease, but the traditional belief that gastritis and stomach ulcers occur due to increased acidity and stress, already outdated. One of the main causes of the disease, according to the latest data, — Microbe called Helicobacter Pyroli». This mysterious microbe «Helicobacter», which, it turns out, settled in my unhappy organism, pursue me in despondency. However, I certainly wanted to learn all the details.

    And some more history

    It turned out that malicious bacterium was discovered using an optical microscope back in 1983 by Australian scientists Warren and Marshall. After a careful study of it, scientists came to the conclusion that bacterium calls 80—90% of inflammatory diseases of the gastric mucosa, almost all cases of duodenal ulcers, from 70 to 80% of the stomach ulcers. In other cases, the cause of the diseases may be medicines, and one of the first places in this case has aspirin's so popular worldwide. By the way, at a time when «Helicobacter» It was discovered, not all doctors agrees that it was the cause of the disease, as it was believed that the acid that our stomach highlights, kills any bacteria. By the way, one of the discovers «Helicobacter» Marshall, in order to prove his robes to skeptics, raised this bacterium in a test tube, swallowed it and sick of a stomach ulcer. «Helicobacter» does not die in acid because it allocates special enzymes, this acid neutralizing. Bacteria decomposes the urea in the stomach and under the cover of the decay products — Bicarbonate and ammonia — penetrates the mucous membrane. Introduced into the cell of the wall of the stomach, the bacterium turns out to be in a comfortable environment. The body is trying to prevent the invasion, but in most cases unsuccessfully. The results of numerous studies suggest that Helicobacter can cause cancer. There is evidence that it plays a significant role in diseases of the heart and digestive disorders.

    According to its prevalence, Helicobacter Pyroli ranks second after caries causative agents. German gastroenterologists believe that the bacterium has every third inhabitant of Germany. According to the specialists of the Moscow Medical Academy. Sechenov, in Russia, the ulcer of the stomach and duodenum is more than 1.5 million adults, and 18 thousand adolescents suffer from these diseases and about 10 thousand children under 14. Moreover, peptic disease — Disease is predominantly male. According to statistics, one sick-eyed woman comes 4 male yazuvenches. Difforts about every sixth infection carrier. This is because people have different immunity. In addition, microorganism mutates.

    «Means, — I said to my doctor, hanging the buoy, — I will not help anything…» — «No need to despair, — reassured Eskulp. — If you fulfill all medical recommendations, the ulcer can completely cut down 4-6 weeks».

    News Second (good): Full casherapy ulcers

    Since the ulcer, as it turns out, is transmitted through dirty hands, saliva, dishes and t.D., That and it is necessary to deal with it as a infectious disease. The new technique is to destroy malicious bacteria «Helicobacter». For this, new antibiotics are applied in combination with acid-resistant agents. According to experts, repeated cases of the ulcer of the stomach in the treatment are only 3% compared with the previous 70%. However, so far most doctors for the treatment of gastritis and ulcers use old methods that are not saved from the causative agent, but on the results of its activities. Petrolese patients with reducing acidity. But it is worth stopping, the symptoms of the disease are returned — And everyone has to start first. As the press writes, in early 1994, the US National Health Office officially demanded «Revolution» In therapy. But the dissemination of knowledge about Helicobacter Pylori among practitioners is largely hampered by the intervention of pharmaceutical firms, which fear for their multi-billion dollar business on acidity reduction preparations.

    In fact, despite new knowledge about the causes of ulcerative disease, you should not rely only on drugs. Nobody canceled the diet. The stomach with ulcers should not work in a cool. There is a little bit, but often. Approximately 5-6 per day. From acute food should be refused. All this told me a doctor and assured that after some time I will not have problems with the stomach. Well… We believe the doctor.
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