Cervicitis or inflammation of the cervix


  • Cervicit
  • Manifestations of cervicitis
  • Diagnosis of Cervicita
  • Treatment of Cervicita
  • Prevention of cervicitis

  • Cervicit

    Cervicitis or inflammation of the cervixCervicitis is inflammation of the cervix. Currently under the term «Exocervicitis» understand the inflammation of the outer (vaginal) part of the cervix. Endocervicitis - inflammation of the cervical canal (inner part) of the cervix.

    All inflammatory processes are customary to divide on nonspecific and specific. Nonspecific cervicitis are due to the action of conditional and pathogenic microorganisms (intestinal wand, streptococci, staphylococci, etc.). The development of cervicitis may also be due to sexually transmitted infectious diseases (chlamydia, trichomoniasis, viral diseases, etc.D.).

    Promotes the development of inflammation of general weakening diseases, as well as non-restored cervical breaks during childbirth, chemical and thermal irritation (douching, some funds).

    Very often, cervicitis and endocervicitis are combined with the erosion of the cervix, the cervical testicles of the cervix.

    Cervicitis with mucous-purulent discharge due to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervical channel and is «satellite» Ureterite in men.

    Manifestations of cervicitis

    Most often, cervicitis occurs in women of childbearing age.
    Manifestations of acute nonspecific cervicitis are abundant mucous membranes or global discharge, itching, less often - pain at the bottom of the abdomen. In the chronic stage of selection, there may be insignificant.

    Diagnosis of Cervicita

    The diagnosis of cervicitis is produced by a gynecologist and includes a number of surveys: microscopic, bacteriological, cytological research, pH-metry of the vaginal separated, as well as special diagnostic methods (DNA probe, polymerase chain reaction, immunoassay analysis, etc.). Extended colposcopy allows not only to diagnose correctly, but also determine the effectiveness of subsequent treatment.

    Treatment of Cervicita

    Treatment depends on the nature of the pathogenic flora detected in the smears and sowing. With acute and subacute, vaginal dying disorders are prescribed by disobedience of chamomile, a solution of lactic acid. In case of bacterial cervicitis, sulfonamides or antibiotics are shown, doxycycline, Tarivid, Tetracycline is effective at chlamydine cervicitis. For the treatment of cervicitis caused by anaerobic microflora, the metronidazole is prescribed (inward or locally in the form of vaginal candles), with viral cervicitis — Antiviral drugs.

    Prevention of cervicitis

    Prevention includes proper guidance, timely restoration of the cervical caution in its gaps, the prevention of abortions, the correct selection and use of contraceptives, compliance with the general hygienic rules.

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