Medicine for the liver


Medicine for the liver
Hepatoprotectors — Preparations helping to treat and
Restore damaged liver. To help such medicines
Apply in cases of disorders of the liver, hepatitis (viral, alcoholic
or toxic) or liver destruction due to the reception of some drugs.
The effect of antitumor, anti-tuberculosis, analgesics, contraceptive
and wide spectrum antibiotics negatively affects the liver state.
The liver refers to vital organs, so it is extremely important to follow
for its normal functioning. Hepatoprotectors help the liver
cope with overloads and successfully act as prevention

Negative impact on the liver has excessive
consumption of fatty food, alcohol, non-compliance with personal hygiene, bad ecology
and extra weight. About a large liver workload say pain in the right hypochondrium,
Several elevated temperature, bitterness in the mouth, yellow scler and deterioration
Face Colors, Yellow Rock Mystery. Heaviness in the right side, rash on
The face and dandruff also may indicate problems with the liver. If you are found
For similar symptoms, consult a hepatologist for advice. Speaking O
Hepatoprotectors, it is necessary to mention:

  • derivatives of amino acids;
  • phospholipids;
  • drugs of animal origin;
  • preparations of plant origin;
  • biologically active additives;
  • bile acids;
  • Homeopathic remedies.


We analyze the features of different types of drugs,
Normalizing liver operation:

  1. Amino acids contribute to recovery
    liver due to the synthesis of active substances (including phospholipids).
    Representatives of this group are heptral, heptor and hepta Merz. Heptral I
    Heptor well shown themselves with the treatment of fat hepatosis, chronic and
    Toxic hepatitis. These drugs are effective in intravenous injection. Means
    Hep-Merz provides short-term removal from hepatic coma.
  2. Phospholipid action is based,
    According to the instructions, on penetration into the lipid layer of damaged cells and
    Normalization of their activities. These funds are aimed at reducing energy
    Cost of liver. Studies conducted with phospholipids had different
    Results, so their reception must be coordinated with a hepatologist.
  3. Medicine for the liverTo the drugs of animal origin
    include Sirepar and hepatosan. They got widespread in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis and fat hepatosis. Hepatosan is made from the liver
    Pigs, and the basis of the sirepara is a hydrolyzate of liver liver of cattle.
  4. Hepatoprotectors of vegetable
    Origin defend the liver from destruction and contribute to the development of new
    Healthy cells. The basis of plant preparations is usually
    Thistle (millet) or artichoke. Representatives of this group include
    Legalong, Carsil, Hofitol.
  5. Among biologically active additives
    Hepatotronzite, hepatrine, ovesol and mil none should be highlighted 10. Badic action
    Promotes the purification and reduction of liver intoxication. Often biologically
    Active additives have a choleretic effect and protrude source
  6. Application of bile acids — Ursodeoxycholic acid — Practiced in therapy of the liver and biliary tract. These
    Acids have a choleretic effect and reduce cholesterol levels in bile.
    They affect immunological reactions in the liver.
  7. Homeopathic preparations are selected
    homeopath and accepted for a long time. To the drugs of this
    Groups include Hepel and Galstina. They support influence on

hepatoprotectors, like other drugs, requires coordination
with a hepatologist attending.

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