Raw food is a special power system that implies that the diet consists only of products that have not been thermal processing. It's not only about raw vegetables and fruits. Raw foods allowing the use of dried fruits, germinated croup, dried meat and fish, milk, eggs, seafood.

Raw food is a special power system that implies that the diet consists only of products that have not been thermal processing. It's not only about raw vegetables and fruits. Raw foods allowing the use of dried fruits, germinated croup, dried meat and fish, milk, eggs, seafood. For some types of raw foods, certain groups of products are prohibited, but we will talk about it.

Adherents of raw foods claim that our distant ancestors, without having the opportunity to cook, fry or bake food, perfectly lived, feeding fruits, edible roots and various herbs.

At the moment, the only people living in India remained on Earth, which eats only vegetable food and never heard of diseases. These people live poorly, most of the months per year are carried out in the open sky, feed only for the thickening of physiological hunger.

Even in the Bible there is a sin of a vigoria, which are increasingly indulging in people in developed countries. The thing is that the need for heat treatment has arisen with increasing cities. To feed the numerous inhabitants, it was necessary to have a lot of food, which would be kept long. Therefore, invented cooking, frying, canning. At the moment, most people have pleasure from the taste of food, almost the only pleasure in life. Syroedy claim that it is fundamentally not right - food is needed not at all for pleasure, but taste receptors are designed to make a person to distinguish a fresh product from spoiled.

Types and principles of raw food

Not so easy to go to the use of plant food. The fantasy of many people is limited to dishes familiar with childhood, they simply do not stand up and several days. Let's try to figure out the subtleties of raw food.

So, there are several types of raw food. Untyful raw food Allows the use of not only plants, but also animal husbandry products (eggs, meat, dairy products). As a rule, meat and fish are used in raw form - salted and dried (for example, Basturma).

Readers Our site should be remembered that consuming meat and fish, not past heat treatment, is dangerous to health. You risk infected with parasites - bull or pork chain, Lenthel is wide. Therefore, when buying meat and fish, you must necessarily require the conclusion of SanEpidemstation. And when cutting fish, carefully examine the contents of the peritoneum for the presence of worms and parasite larva.

Vegetarian raw food Does not allow such liberties - there are only plants, herbs, roots, vegetables and fruits, but the exception is made in favor of milk, eggs, dairy products. From ordinary vegetarianism, it is distinguished by the absolute ban on any heat treatment of products. Vegan raw food (The most popular view) implies only the use of plant food. There is also fructant - His adherents eat only the fruits of plants, for them are prohibited cereals and some products allowed for vegans.

Eating raw meat, fish, game, eggs, dairy products and minimal vegetation food consumption - carnivorous raw food.

Mixed raw food Mixing multiple products for one meal, Monotrophone - forbids those «Mixes».

Why so fundamentally use is raw food? According to Syroedov, if the product was heated even up to 45 degrees, he lost most of the most useful substances. And if the preparation temperature was higher, some chemical compounds were formed in food, which are not found in nature and harm the body.

So, what includes the concept «plant food». These are various legumes, seeds, nuts, natural dried fruits, vegetables, fruits, berries, grains, algae, fresh-sided juices, various herbs (dill usual, parsley, basil, celery, as well as nettle, dandelions T.NS.).

There are products that are dangerous to use cheese. For example, raw beans are toxic for the body, exactly as sprouted by alfalf. And some products can cause the body infection with parasites (raw eggs, raw milk) and cause some other diseases (salmonellosis, encephalitis).

Drink raw foods «Natural water» - Rain, spring. Agree, in a metropolis, it is very risky. Yes, and use «Supermarketovsky» Vegetables are not harmless. It's no secret that they are treated with special chemicals to extend the storage period, and nitrates, pesticides are used during cultivation. Therefore, only the harvest grown on your cottage can be safe and useful, and then provided that it is in an ecologically-pure region. Adherents of raw foods declare that even in winter to diversify their diet as simple as in the summer. In this case, autumn supplies come to the rescue, perfectly stored in the cellars.

After waging on specialized forums, it was just amazed, on what feats are human fantasy. Unique cakes, pies, a variety of soups - not a complete list of permitted delicacies. For example, a cake is made from crushed nuts (raw foods permits crushing), dried fruits and honey, and instead of the usual baking in the oven, the mass is cooled in the refrigerator. «Raw» Bread is made of sprouted grains and externally resembles bread pellets. Pate is preparing from raw fish, cucumber or sunflower seeds. And the diversity of soups and there is no limit - pumpkin, asparagus, tomato, carrot, vegetable.

Pros and cons of raw food

About the benefit of raw foods do not poison disputes. Tychny opponents of such a system of permanent nutrition put forward indisputable arguments, just like her and adherents.

The advantages of raw foods can be attributed:

  • Thanks to this approach to nutrition, diseases of many internal organs, constipation, hypertension and even «Lady disease». Natural, initially acceptable food is capable of extending his life for one decade;
  • Over time, raw foods are getting rid of overweight;
  • The appearance of time free from cooking;
  • unconditional cash savings.

But in each barrel there is a spoon of tar, and in this case the spoon is not small. Yes, the use of raw vegetables and fruits is the excellent prevention of many diseases. But the rejection of other food leads to unbalancement of the diet - the body is not allowed protein, iron, calcium, vitamins (especially groups in and e). Therefore, almost all raw foods after some time, excellent well-being disappeared without a trace, it replaces weakness, apathy, loss of appetite.

When moving to such a nutrition, the body is quite sharply cleaned - slags, stones are outlined, thrombus and cholesterol plaques are rejected, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are exacerbated. This process is especially dangerous for older people.

Immortality and lack of disease - also myth. Syroedy also sick, because human health is only on some kind of share depends on the quality of nutrition. To maintain physical health, we need regular exercise, hardening, good ecology.

Often they are resorted to raw food only in order to lose weight. While addictive to such nutrition (within a month, at a minimum), the digestive system will «please» you are bloating, diarrhea, flatulence. But do not think that with such a nutrition, you will not feel hungry. In addition, huge portions, even if vegetable food, weight loss is not guaranteed. And here are those who feed on this scheme for quite a long time, often have a problem too low weight.

MPS readers are useful to know that raw materials are categorically prohibited by children and adolescents. In such nutrition, their growing organisms are especially affected by an unbalanced diet. Most often, raw foods for these categories ends with dystrophy. That is why the World Health Organization recognized raw materials and vegetarianism mental disabilities. Too many cases of bringing children to a critical condition and even death.

If you decide «experience» on ourselves all the delights of raw foods, consult with your doctor, and do not bring this idea to fanaticism. The transition to raw food must necessarily be smooth (a sharp transition can be dangerous to health in people with any diseases), and better let the raw foods be strict. Change your diet, enter raw vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds. Let the proportion of such products be 50-60% of your menu (in the modern townhouse it is equal to 10%). So, without harm to health, you Clean the body, Get rid of excess weight. As you understand, the principles of raw food can be used for Slimming. Certainly helpful and unloading fruit and vegetable days. So do not get drunk by raw food, because even wise yogis are not one hundred percent crowns, they use about 50-60% of plant food, the rest of the share falls on meat and dairy products.

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