Winter types of allergies


  • Mexican Tushkan and Russian Sable
  • freezing – Red nose
  • And maybe not allergic it is at all...

  • Allergies – one of the most unfortunate categories
    of people. And the spectrum of allergens is so wide that is just amazing
    Sometimes seeing a completely healthy and happy person who is not
    scary either violent spring flowering nor any special
    goody nor chat with your favorite cat or dog.

    Mexican Tushkan and Russian Sable

    Long been recognized by doctors one of the most allergic types of clothes. BUT
    Since the weather on the street has to frequent colds, it is often
    man walks all winter and constantly blowing his nozzle, sneezes, with swollen
    nose and blushing eyes, wine in all bad weather and your weakWinter types of allergiesOh
    immunity, and in fact it is a banal allergy.

    Small part of the allergic manifestations of beauty, dressed in a sable,
    accounted for the body's reaction to chemical compounds that
    Processing skins, although, of course, should not be excluded and this option.
    Studies have shown that allergies in this case can cause
    formaldehyde, which is still used in domestic fur
    Industry, or dyes, if you wear tinted coat.

    More often
    The whole allergy to the fur coat is caused by quite common allergies on
    fur. So if you do not keep animal homes due to the fact that they
    cause you allergies, then you better and the coat do not buy in order to avoid
    All unpleasant consequences. True, you should know what to eat
    Allergy to dandruff in wool, and there is an allergy to the wool actually.

    The fur coat, of course, does not suffer from dandruff, so the most reliable method
    Understand what is the cause of your winter torment – Hike K
    Allergist. Second option – go to some other clothes as well
    Keep the fur coat. If the symptoms are held, then you
    regret, really allergic to clothing from fur, if not –
    Look for another reason.

    By the way, puffer down jackets can cause similar allergies.

    freezing – Red nose

    Frost, even small, can cause a pronounced skin allergic reaction. The most frequent one – Cold Harus.
    In this case, the skin «decorate» Blisters and redness. These changes
    often arise not when the man is frozen, and when he is already
    Heat. Total 15–20 minutes staying in the warm room – and
    Harfish appears.

    Should not be confused with the usual reaction
    Normal skin on a sharp change of temperature. In healthy people vessels
    skin is compressed in the cold and expand in warm, the skin blins and
    Begins to hurry. But these manifestations are absolutely normal and
    physiological, besides passing through 20–30 minutes. Characteristic feature
    It is an allergic reaction that are swelling that are especially noticeable
    around the eyes and near the lips. In addition, symptoms do not disappear as fast as
    I would like it – on the skin they can hold a few hours.

    These changes are manifested even with a slight decrease in temperature.
    Moreover, it can not only frost, but also bathing, washing
    dishes or even cleaning potatoes in cold water. In this case
    Essentially effective before entering the street Reception of antiallergic
    drugs and avoiding skin supercooling in living conditions.Winter types of allergies

    The urticaria may also be a consequence of the presence in the body
    Some proteins that become active under the influence of cold,
    For example, cryoglobulins – These are immune complexes with unusual
    physical properties. When cold exposure begins them
    aggregation – sticking that, on the assumption of researchers, leads to
    The release of anaphylotoxins that cause tissue damage. IN
    This case requires serious treatment with an immunologist.

    The diagnosis of cold urticaria is set after the production of cold test (Duncan test) with ice cube.

    Frost often causes cold dermatitis.
    In this case, the nutrition of open areas is broken – on the face of ear
    sinks, hands appear burgundy burgundy flakes
    stains, skin becomes dry, its drawing changes. Sometimes dermatitis
    affects areas highly sensitive to cold – This is internal
    The surface of the hips and knees. Such a disease requires an integrated

    Usually prescribed drugs that improve peripheral
    Blood supply, vitamins A, C, E, PP. To get rid of
    similar to the misfortune, takes at least two weeks, and even then only
    Absence of supercooling. If you are freezing again and again,
    Terms increase to month, and even more.

    suffering from cold dermatitis, it is necessary before coming to the frost
    Outdoor sections of skin. The doctor maybe
    Recommend the preventive reception of antihistamine drugs. well and
    If the skin is already visible manifestations of cold dermatitis, then it is necessary
    think about local therapy. These are anti-allergic ointments, funds,
    Accelerating healing of wounds, and in difficult cases, compounds containing

    And maybe not allergic it is at all...

    people, not even being susceptible to allergic reactions to the cold, all
    Equally suffer from one thought that it is necessary to go out on
    Street even in a small frost.

    For example, there is a so-called cold disease that carries the name of the Raino syndrome.
    For those who suffer, small fingerty vessels are very sensitive to
    frost. This causes a narrowing of capillaries, blood stops to come to
    finger tips, they become white and startWinter types of allergiesOther sick.

    When palm
    warmed up, they blush, but pain still remains on
    Some time. In this disease, anti-allergic drugs
    Absolutely ineffective. You need to contact the rheumatologist, so
    As a paragraph may exist both by itself and be a consequence
    other diseases.

    In addition to all other troubles, the cold can cause meteorological halitis.
    So called inflammation of the lips that is provoked by frost. Often
    It is allergic, so in some cases help

    However, the most reliable
    method – Prevention. Before entering the street, the lips should be densely smear
    hygienic lipstick, and even better – Apply a special kriferre,
    intended for adverse meteorological conditions. IN
    the case when such measures do not help and the Haylit still arises,
    Treatment depends on the form of the disease.

    For example, if you are worried
    Redness, lip swelling and painful ulcers, then vitamins are prescribed,
    «Healing» Preparations and even hormonal ointments. If Haylit is dry,
    That is, the lips are peeling and cracking, and in the corners of the mouth arise so
    Called «Saint», help vitamin solutions, anti-loving and
    Antiallergic ointment.

    Cold often
    provokes tears, but it cannot be attributed to allergic reactions.
    Just frost and sharp wind are natural irritants,
    which cause the narrowing of the nasal canal. This one leads to the fact that
    the resulting moisture does not have a normal outflow, and instead of
    get into the nasopharynx rolling through the edge of the century.

    In this situation, eye drops that have soothing
    action or infusions of some medicinal herbs. For example, decoction
    Cumin seeds or blue cornflower flowers well apply for
    Prevention. The filtered liquid must be bought in the eye 2–3
    times a day, and better a few hours before the exit to the street.

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