Battle for immunity


  • Watch out for the diet
  • Move more
  • We regularly attend doctors
  • Set a clear mode of operation and recreation
  • Observe sanitary­Hygienic norms
  • Be a bow
  • Do not abuse immunomodulators
  • Teach children to work on yourself
  • Through the child correctly

  • Immunity — This is the natural protection of our
    organism. Day and night he struggles with bacteria and viruses, displays
    Toxins and destroys alien cells. But, unfortunately, even the most
    The strong immune system can destroy stress, bad ecology,
    Wrong lifestyle, vitamins and overstrain deficiency.

    If you want the child to be healthy, teach him since childhood
    follow your physical form. Fresh air, physical
    Exercises, Right Day Mode and Balanced Power — Main
    Allies of strong immunity.

    Watch out for the diet

    Battle for immunity
    For strong immunity, it is necessary to fully, diverse and
    balanced diet. Especially important protein, vitamins and minerals.

    If a child has no allergies, there should be regularly on your table
    Sea gifts, meat, fish, eggs, cereals, legumes, flour bread
    coarse grinding, dairy and dairy products, greens, fresh
    Vegetables, fruits and berries. Do not get involved in some definite
    Products and sit on a diet. Do not forget about additional reception
    Vitamin Mineral Complex.

    Fastfud will have to refuse once and for all. Refined Food
    With flavors, dyes and preservatives do not contain any
    useful substances for the body, and harmful — how much please. Nutritionists
    call such a meal «empty calories». In addition, usually in restaurants
    fast food hamburgers and potatoes are roasted on the oil that is already
    repeatedly laughed. It forms carcinogens that
    lead to the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. But good
    digestion — Prerequisite condition for strong immunity.

    Move more

    Child, as well as adult, are needed regular physical
    exercises. They increase the production of white blood cells by the body of the White Blood Taurus,
    responsible for immunity. Most effective sports and
    walks in the open air.

    We regularly attend doctors

    Every six months, even if there are no health problems, you need a child
    show a dentist and pediatrician. Do not rely on school
    Medical inspections: With a huge stream of children, the doctor cannot pay enough
    attention to each child.

    Feel free to contact the specialists with «Small problems».
    For example, if a child has a runny nose going on eight days, it's time to beat

    Set a clear mode of operation and recreation

    For strong immunity, you need a full-fledged vacation. Do not let the schoolboy save time due to sleep.

    For well-being, positive emotions are very important, so
    On weekends and on vacation it is necessary to spend time as much as possible:
    play sports, skiing, swim in the sea, communicate with
    Friends, dance, — anything, if only not to haand and lie
    on the sofa.

    Observe sanitary­Hygienic norms

    The schoolchild in the family should have its own dishes and her towels.
    Tell him about the need to comply with personal hygiene rules.
    Regularly spend wet cleaning in the apartment, more often ventilate
    Rooms. Buy clothes and footwear from natural «Breathable»

    Be a bow

    You can not make the vaccination recently had children, children with
    chronic diseases or allergies. Without at least need
    It is impossible to remove adenoids and almonds to the child: they are needed for normal
    works of the immune system, in the body there are no extra organs.

    Do not abuse immunomodulators

    Often parents lead a child to a doctor with the words: «We accept immunomodulators, and we do not help. It's a fake?»

    If the child is sick all the time, do not self-medicate, and
    Go to the reception to the pediatrician. Pediatrician will ask you to pass
    Survey in several specialists and pass tests, and after that,
    If necessary, will send to the immunologist. Only a specialist can
    determine the cause of failures in the work of the body and assign treatment. For
    each disease needs their medicines, and to take thoughtless
    immunomodulators, especially during the period of illness — I don't care what to scam
    whip sick drunk horse. Immune system after such
    Tests may not recover.

    In the arsenal of modern medicine there are techniques that allow
    Strengthen the body's protective system: for example, blood ozonation or
    Hemopuncture. However, they are prescribed to the patient only after complete
    surveys and only if it really is necessary.

    Teach children to work on yourself

    Doctors are confident that work on immunity — it is first of all work
    Over yourself: its character, habits and lifestyle. Never
    smoke in the presence of children, do not abuse alcohol. Try
    more time to spend together: Play Movable Games in Nature,
    advise with children about buying «Healthy» Products I
    Menu drafting, choose vitamins together and go to the sports club.

    Through the child correctly

    Sometimes it happens: the schoolboy just got sick and «Thoughtful»
    Parents immediately begin to order it: dial ice water bucket
    and pour him on the poor fellow. The child has complications after that
    (otitis, bronchitis, rhinitis), and dad and mom are surprised: «No
    We boost, it is better not to become!»

    Hardening really increases the body's protective forces, but
    only if it is done correctly. Start hardifying
    procedures should not be in winter when children often sick, and in the summer when they have
    Immunity is stronger. The first procedure is better to carry out in nature in
    sunny day. Explain the child's sense and the need for hardening and
    Arrange family game. You can walk barefoot on the ground, watering the legs in
    river, but you can get three buckets on a hot day, but not
    icewater, stand up on the sun and pour them on each other. Same
    well strengthen immunity long walks, air games, sauna,
    Walking on dew, wet asphalt and pebbles.

    Starting hardening, do not stop it and in the cold season. For
    This can be created in the room or class «Pulsing microclimate

    Periodically include and turn off the central heating battery,
    To air the room, creating temperature fluctuations in 5-7
    degrees for medium schoolchildren and 8-10 degrees for senior.

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