Autumn algorithm



Autumn algorithmMass vaccination (an annual influenza prevention event) this year should cover 40 million. Russian residents, which is 2 million. more than in the past. Persons receiving sanitary books for professional activities (food industry workers, and food trade, utilities, employees of preschool educational institutions and general education institutions, Pharmacists), preschool children and schoolchildren. Now a fairly favorable time for immunization. The main thing — remember that the vaccination is done against the background of human health. Do not do it and then when you already have a confirmed diagnosis of ARVI or influenza in your near environment.


For those who for one other reasons do not undergo immunization (mandatory or voluntary), the Ministry of Health annually develops recommendations for receiving medicines for prevention that are aimed at strengthening immunity. During epidseason 2013-2104. Influenza is recommended to pass at least 3 courses of nonspecific influenza and ARVI: Carmolis, Kagole, Ocilloccinum, Immunal, IRS-19, Infpopheron and some other drugs . In special cases, the recommended drugs are issued free of charge to those in hospitals, children's institutions and T.D.


For people, in the nearest environment of which the ODVI case has already been recorded, there are special recommendations for emergency prevention. This, first of all, the use of barrier products for washing the nasal cavity (salt solutions or marine water-based products) and applied to mucous meters, which impede the further penetration of viruses and bacteria into the body, as well as the reception by the preventive diagram of non-specific antiviral drugs.


Viruses are distributed not only in close proximity to the diseased person (when he sneezes or says), but also transmitted contact path through the items that he used. In other words, having hurting the hand of the bus, where half an hour was the sick orvi, and then, touching her eyes to her eyes or a nose, you can easily transfer viruses to the mucous membar, where they will continue «journey» According to your body. Therefore, during a surge of respiratory viral diseases, you need to wash your hands as often as possible: after returning home, visits to public places, before each meal. Also during this period it is better to use paper, not textile scarves. Paper scarves need to be thrown immediately after use and do not wear with you.


In case of illness, it is better to stay at home, t.To. An important condition for the speedy recovery of a person is the right care — Load reduction, abundant drink, medicines. They need to be used from the first symptoms of a cold illness, t.To. The most active spread of the virus occurs within 48 hours after infection. But staying «on foot», Feak, on the contrary, extends his illness and infects others.


If you work, do not forget to issue a hospital. The primary sick leave is issued for three days, and in case of continuing the disease, it is necessary to extend. Only this document will give you the opportunity to get although not commensurate salary, but still some cash payments.

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