Pliers attack


Than dangerous pincers

Pliers attackOutside the window - Like in the picture: Bright Sun and Pure Blue Sky. In short, a wonderful spring day. And, of course, pulls on the favorite cottage or in the forest, away from the city bustle and gas. However, it is not necessary to go somewhere outside the city, it is enough to walk in the nearest park or Square to feel the charm of the coming season.

However, be careful: together with warm solar rays, the tick season comes again. The tick is embarrassed imperceptibly and painless for the selected object. Bite it is not felt because the saliva stood contains anesthetic substances, and the skin is losing sensitivity at this moment. What places chooses for «Ataaki» Cleaning parasite? Most often - the scalp, neck, but it can imperibly move and other parts of the body.

What are dangerous ticks? The fact is that they are a carrier of severe infectious diseases, while maintaining viruses and bacteria in their body for several years. Among these diseases - spring-summer tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis, or Lyme disease (it was first discovered in the American city of Lime, hence her name).

What are still dangerous ticks? And the fact that they are able to infect not only a person, but also a pet, which in some cases can infect a person. If, let's say, you drank rustic raw milk, and in it there is a virus of encephalitis. By the way, due to thick wool, it is more difficult to find a tick of goats. It is no coincidence that it is their milk more often infected.

Now about Encephalitis. It begins usually like influenza - with a small temperature, headaches, losses in the joints. But then the temperature rises, the headache is enhanced, vomiting appears. The disease is striking the nervous system and, above all, the brain, paralysis, epilepsy and even death. And the older man, the more dangerous the forecast. Therefore, in no case can you slow down with a doctor call. In doubtful cases, laboratory diagnostics of tick-borne encephalitis can be carried out.

No less dangerous and borreliosis. The symptoms are as follows: the temperature of the victim increases the temperature, it feels lethargy and pain in the joints, the ring-shaped erythema appears on the skin at the bite. In this case, the activities of the nervous and cardiovascular systems are violated, as well as the musculoskeletal system.

Reflect the attack of the tick

Protect from the occurrence of tick-borne spring encephalitis can vaccination. It helps in 90% of cases and is recommended, first of all, those who are often in the forest, parks, in the fields or live in places a particularly high concentration of ticks. Of course, there is for her and contraindications. Therefore, consult with your doctor. There are no vaccinations from borreliosis yet, but this disease is successfully treated with antibiotics.

As for the most dangerous in terms of infections of the regions, this is primarily the Far East, Siberia and the Urals. In the middle lane of Russia, these diseases are most often observed in the Pskov, Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Tver regions, as well as in some parts of the Moscow region, for example, in Orekhovo-Zuevsky, Taldomsky, Ramensky and some others. However, unsafe and in the metropolitan parks, because there are ticks here. Therefore, walking here without a headdress, stay away from trees and shrubs.

How to protect against ticks? First of all, it is necessary to observe a simple rule: going to the cottage, in the forest or in a tourist campaign, you should certainly wear a cap or tie my head as a golk. It is also necessary to close with a light scarf neck, a shirt to fix in pants, and the latter - in socks. It is advisable to wear boots or high boots. And yet: ticks are well scared with various repellents that are sold in a pharmacy. Do not be lazy to apply the remedy for open areas of the body, clothing and bags. Returning home from a country trip home, carefully inspect your body and clothes. When tick detection, first disinfected the place where it is pressed, alcohol or vodka, and then try removing it with tweezers or small tweezers. At the same time, the blood pressure must be securely captured and stretched out of the skin. If there is a trunk in it, try to pull it out with a disinfected needle as the. Then the wreck must be lubricated with iodine or green. And in any case, consult a doctor may need his help.

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