Signs of cancer


Signs of cancerCrayfish — Malignant neoplasm, developing due to uncontrollable and disorderly cellular division and causing the appearance of a tissue or organ. The tumor has the peculiarities of its localization, histological structure, growth and prevalence. Cancer cells can move (metastase) to other fabrics and organs by means of blood flow or lymphatic system. Cancer development may be associated with the aging process. It is extremely important to identify the development of this pathology in a timely manner: today many types of cancer are treatable, subject to their diagnosis at an early stage of development.

It is not always easy to establish the cause of the development of oncology, but there are confirmed opinions on the relationship of the appearance of cancer with impaired genetic nature, irregular diet, tobacocco, alcoholism and influence of radiation and chemicals. Cancers contribute to exhaustion, anemia, the death of affected structures and infection of neighboring. To secure your health, do not be lazy to turn to the oncologist with suspicious symptoms, pass every year a dispensary examination. Tests for the presence of proteins-oncogenes — One of the simple and affordable diagnostic methods.

The first symptoms of cancer

Speaking about cancer, it is important to remember that this disease is able to develop asymptomatic. Much attention should be paid to the appearance:

  • unprepared weight loss;
  • lack of appetite;
  • constant fatigue;
  • continuous high body temperature;
  • stable pain;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • disorders of the intestinal and bladder;
  • for a long time not passing bleeding ulcers;
  • blood in the discharge;
  • permanent cough and hoarse voices.

To reveal the oncology at an early stage, you need to go through a dispensary examination that will plan your attending physician.

Signs of cancer in women

Among the oncological diseases in women are the most common cancer of appendages, cervix and breast. The main signs of cancer development in women include:

  • bleeding after menopause (after the cessation of menstruation appearance);
  • bleeding between menstruation and long-term painful menstruation (up to 12 days);
  • bleeding after sexual intercourse;
  • Woman's allocations, possibly with sucrovic;
  • Changes in the condition of the breast or nipple: the appearance of seals, vascular grids, «Orange Corki» and pigment spots, discharge from the nipple and others.
  • The general state of discomfort in the field of genital organs: itching and skin irritation.

Diagnosis of cancer is not as complicated as it seems. Secure your health and pass the survey at the gynecologist at least once a year!

Symptoms of cancer in men

Symptoms of cancer in menThe most common type of cancer in men — prostate cancer. Its main symptom — Changes in urination (urine color, for example). In addition to common symptoms, for men's oncologists is characteristic:

  • seals in the chest, the rotten nipple, the peeling of the nipple and the selection of it;
  • pain of different kind;
  • changes in the size of the testicles, the appearance of seals, swelling and sense of gravity;
  • Blood selection in sputum, feces or urine.

Children's oncology

The most common in childhood, the following types of cancer are most common: leukemia, brain cancer, lymph nodes (lymphogranulomatosis, lymphosarcoma), kidneys (neuroblastoma) and bones (osteogenic sarcoma, ying tumor). In childhood, boys face cancer more often girls. The most striking external signs of cancer in children are pale skin, loss of appetite and thinness, capriciousness, fast fatigue and apathy.

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