How to defeat insomnia and stress?


Do not sleep? You are not alone! We turn around until the morning in our
beds, for a while forgetting an alarming half and waking up again, sickling
painful morning awakening after almost sleepless night. Today in the world
Periodic sleep disorders suffer from every third person. In the US, this
The digit exceeds 40 percent, in Europe - approaching 60. Eighty percent
Russians live today in constant stress. And what is rapid
The pace of our life becomes, the higher these numbers grow.

How to defeat insomnia and stress?First of all, it happens in big cities where
the rhythm of human existence has long been dramatically
Fought. We go to bed late, get up early. Our day passing in rapid
Tempe, filled with experiences and stress. This in the XIX century insomnia was
The lot of lovers, poets and romantics. Today she is the Beach of most people,
regardless of their age and classes. Doctors beat alarm because
The body that does not receive a full-fledged rest during sleep, wears before
time that inevitably leads to a reduction in life. The strongest suffers
From insomnia weak half of humanity. Not by chance, modern women in
Two or three times more often than men, seek help for psychiatrists. Business,
Career, making money do not make discounts: everything is on equal. But because
Caring for the family, homemade troubles, as well as before, remain on women's
shoulders. Do not forget about specific «Women» Stress.

Strong sleeping pills that are trying to resort
many do not solve problems. They do not give a full sleep, and at the same time often
cause addictory.

How, without hurting the body, defeat insomnia, take off
Stress how to restore normal sleep and wake mode?

In pharmacies there is an effective, and most importantly, an inexpensive drug - dragee
«Evening» and «Evening
+ Motherwort». Dragee «Evening» and «Evening + dyeing» - This is the complex
Herbs have long been used in Russia as soothing: Valerian, Hop,
Mint and dyeing. How to defeat insomnia and stress?In the production of raw materials is not exposed to high
temperatures and chemical processing, which allows you to maintain the composition
plants, and therefore his healing force. Dragee efficiency «Evening» and
«Evening + dyeing» Confirmed research. High rating drug
received in the somnological center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Receive dragee
«Evening» and «Evening + dyeing» During the day, stressful loads will smooth
on the body, the reception before bedtime will allow you to fall asleep faster, and in the morning wake up
Cheerful and rest. Today, price and efficiency ratio
Dragee «Evening» and «Evening + dyeing» is one of the leaders.

So dragee «Evening» and «Evening +» Estimated
specialists as an effective means recommended by patients with violations
Sleep, awakening difficulties and day sleepiness. As well as all people,
experiencing anxiety or stress as a soft soothing, not causing
addiction, natural and affordable means.

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