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  • Cancer Vagina

    Cancer Vagina can be primary and metastatic (WTO­Rica). Among all malignant diseases of the genital organ­Women Primary Cancer Vagina is 1-2%, can occur at any age, but preferably at 50-60 years.

    In most cases, the vaginal cancer is metastasy­Kim, this is a consequence of the transition of a malignant process with cervix and body of the uterus on the walls of the vagina. The primary cancer of the vagina more often affects his back wall, especially in the rear edge, then Boko­you and less frequent wall. Metastatic cancer strikes the vagina in the field of arch and lower third.

    Distinguish the exofic form of growth when the tumor is represented­on speakers over the walls of the vagina papillary­Tania resembling cauliflower, and endophistic­mu when the tumor process sprouts from the very beginning to the toed tissue, infiltrating them.

    According to the histological structure of the Cancer Vagina almost always­Flossomy with an inclination to the energization and very rare adenocarcinoma (if the vagina cancer occurs from the rest­GTERNEVSK STOCKS TO THE VALKOE).

    Mix risk groups with respect to the development of vaginal cancer. The risk group includes women aged 50-60 years, having chronic irritations due to the wearing pessariev, from­vagina and vagina; infection with a variety of gear­Pesa 2, as well as cervical cancer and anamnesis (illness history).

    Vaginal Cancer Classification:

    • 0 Stage - Preinment Carcinoma;
    • one Stage - a tumor with a diameter of up to 2 cm, germinates not the deeper submembraty layer, regional metastases are not determined;
    • II Stage - a tumor of more than 2 cm in diameter with the same depth of invasion or tumor of the same or smaller sizes with paravaginal infiltrate that does not propagate to the pelvis walls, region­Narray metastases are not determined;
    • III Stage - a tumor of any size with paravaginal in­filtrate propagating to pelvis walls, with movable regional metastases;
    • IV Stage - Tumor of any size, Sorry Neighboring Organization­We (urethra mucous membrane, bladder, rectum) and fabrics (crotch, pelvic bones) with fixed region­metastasis or remote metastases.

    Vaginal cancer diagnosis

    What is Cancer Vagina Vaginal Cancer Clinic and Diagnostics. In the early stages­Levania Cancer Vagina remains asymptomatic. Subsequently appear Belly, spontaneous or contact suction­genital. As the tumor is growing and decay­Pains in the pubic, the sacrum and inguinal areas are disturbed, the functions of the adjacent organs are disturbed (the participated urine appears­the difficulty of defecation) is later developing white or si­swelling of the lower extremities.

    Diagnosis of vaginal cancer in clinically explicit cases does not cause difficulties. During the inspection of the vagina in suspected­Research into cancer It is advisable to use spoonful mirrors, allowing you to carefully examine the walls of the vagina. When insperse­Really detected a dense bug meal with infiltration­Filing surrounding tissues having a node form, or bleeding­ulcer with dense uneven edges and solid bottom.

    Cytological examination of a tumor node or ulcer, biopsy, followed by histological examination­Fabric juice play a decisive role in diagnosis, iso­Benno with dysplasia and pre-cancer. They can be suspended­RT with colposcopy.

    To clarify the prevalence of the process and the status of the district­Cystoscopy, excretory urography, radionuclide renography, rectoromanoscopy, radionuclide lymphography, chest radionuclide.

    To eliminate the metastatic tumor, an ultrasound organ­new pelvis, separate diagnostic scraping­Zetest shell of the cervical and walls of the uterine, survey­Milk glands, by testimony of hysteroscopy.

    Treatment of vaginal cancer

    The choice of a method for the treatment of vaginal cancer depends on a hundred­Dii, distribution, localization of the vagina damage,­In the process of surrounding organs and the overall state of pain­Noah.

    In the treatment, cryodestruction, carbon dioxide laser therapy, surgical excision within a health­Picky tissues of the mucous membrane of the vagina, 5% 5-fluorouracyl ointment daily within 10-14 days, endovaginal gammatherapy.

    Radiation therapy remains the main method of the treatment of cancer­Galkers. The radiation treatment program for each patient composition­Frames individually.

    Forecast. Five-year survival of vaginal cancer patients with a treated radiation method is 34.8%.

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