Medical errors: causes and prevention


  • Causes of medical errors
  • Prevention of medical errors

  • Recently, the topic of medical errors is increasingly sounds in the media. At these words, the most real crimes are often hidden. For example, recently in one of the TV shows it came about a drunken doctor. But there is nothing to discuss. This is a deliberately criminal act and is subject to criminal prosecution. It is better to talk about real medical errors that occurred by chance.

    Causes of medical errors

    Medical errors: causes and preventionThe reasons for medical errors is much the most frequent of them - incorrect diagnosis. The second group includes errors in therapeutic tactics. They are closely related to the errors of the first group. Incorrect diagnosis entails improper treatment. Third Group - Organizational Errors. The most striking example is an ex-minister of health of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Zurabov, the liquidation of pediatric service and the widespread introduction of general practitioners. And finally, the fourth group is deontological errors, that is, mistakes in the doctor's behavior.

    Now about objective reasons that lead to medical errors. One of them is the emergence of new, previously unknown diseases, such as, for example, AIDS or malignant pneumonia. Naturally, doctors will be mistaken! Diagnosis is generally complex. The limitations and inaccuracy of medical knowledge are affected.

    Recognize the disease is not easy, because it can proceed atypically, not at all as described in the textbooks. In addition, it happens that the same disease in two patients is manifested in different ways. And the difficulties of diagnosis in children of younger!

    Prevention of medical errors

    It is impossible to avoid medical errors. However, it is possible and should reduce their number. But how? The main path is a systematic analysis of errors in every medical institution. In a good clinic, anyone, even the smallest promotion of a doctor who did not entail the consequences for the patient, breaks out the same day. And serious mistakes are discussed at the hospital conference with the obligatory participation of students. It does not matter who allowed them - professor, associate professor, head of the department or duty doctor. The worst thing that may happen is if the doctor hid his mistake (it is easy to do in medicine), and through the Annal amount of his colleague, he repeated the same mistake only because it did not disassemble it on time.

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