Asthma in a child: how to help?


  • Eliminate allergens
  • Do not stop the treatment
  • Useful physical education
  • Parents smoke, children - coughing

    Asthma in a child: how to help?Eliminate allergens

    Cough and difficulty breathing lead to passing classes at school, forced to refuse games with comrades and sports. «However, parents with the help of appropriate drugs and certain measures can help the child to lead a normal lifestyle», - Things Professor Ricardo Bernales. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate all possible household allergens that can provoke an aggravation of the disease (particles of fur and epidermis of pets, pollen plants, mold, cockroaches, cigarette smoke and dust).

    Do not stop the treatment

    The respiratory paths of patients with asthma are constantly inflamed, and the chronic disease implies the constant use of prescribed medications, even if the child does not complain about poor well-being. Preparations will prevent a possible attack and ensure maximum respiratory tract.

    It is necessary to regularly visit the doctor and follow the treatment plan appointed by him. «This is perhaps the most important of the prerequisites for the successful struggle with severe illness and improving the quality of life of the patient», - Reminds Professor Bernales.

    Useful physical education

    Can not be neglected by physical education. Non-futured exercises in the fresh air will bring much benefit under the condition of timely reception of the necessary drugs. In addition to improving the respiratory function, regular load will support a psycho-emotional attitude of the child. You can even deal with some sports. Medicas recommended baseball, volleyball, tennis, cycling, golf, some types of athletics, swimming.

    Parents smoke, children - coughing

    Astma causes many factors, and first of all - the state of habitat. Italian doctors interviewed about 40 thousand families living in Central and Northern Italy, in which children 6-7 and 13-14 years old are growing. At the same time, in 52% of families, parents smoke. It turned out that 5.2% of children and 6.2% of adolescents suffer from asthma.

    Statistical analysis made it possible to establish that the smoking of parents at least in 15% of cases is the immediate cause of asthma development in children. At the same time, smoking mother causes damage to the health of his children with a much greater probability than smoking father. Especially risky if the future mother smokes during pregnancy. According to Italian researchers, children in Italy more often sick asthma than in the US or Great Britain, since a much larger number of adult Italians are committed to tobacco.

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