Hair health restoration season is open


  • Why hair falls out?
  • How to stop hair loss

  • Why hair falls out?

    Hair health restoration season is open

    Elevated loss
    hair for most women equivalently loss of beauty and female
    Attractiveness. Faced with a similar problem, many women often
    become uncertain in themselves, begin to experience an increased sense of anxiety,
    fear, some sharply decreases self-esteem.

    Today, more and more women are facing this problem
    Men (according to statistics about 79% of women and 96% of men). At the same time age
    A group of hair suffering in high weight tends to «Rejuvenation»:
    Already in 25 years, a resident of megacities often appeal to trichologists for
    Professional help.

    How to stop hair loss

    Do not be afraid
    ahead of time. The simplest way
    stop high hair loss — understand his reason and eliminate it.
    Among the main reasons for the appearance of alopecia can be allocated: incorrect meals,
    Stresses, bad ecology, hormonal disorders, infections, hereditary
    Factors, seasonal factor.

    Pharmaceutics do not stand still, pharmaceutical companies produce ever new and
    More effective means of dealing with alopecia. On the Russian market Alerana — Series number 1 against loss

    Spray Alerana for
    External use is a drug for stabilization and
    Treatment of increased hair loss and androgenic alopecia (baldness). IN
    The composition of the spray includes the component of Minocidil[2], Suitable
    directly on the hair follicles. Minoxidil changes vascular tone,
    improves nutrition and strengthens hair roots due to activation of microcirculation in
    Skog's skin. This, in turn, stimulates the growth of new hair, increases
    The duration of the phase of their active growth and contributes to an increase in the thickness of the hair,
    Increases the density of hair. Clinically
    It has been proven that spray
    Alerana stops
    Hair loss after 6 weeks in 87% of cases, stimulates the growth of new hair,
    Increases the duration of the active growth phase, promotes the increase in thickness
    hair increases hair lush[3]

    Hair health restoration season is open

    Another advantage of the drug
    is that alerana spray is produced in two Dosages
    and 5%: 5% mincidil solution contains an increased concentration
    active ingredients, stimulates hair growth stronger than 2% solution.
    Patients who under the use of 2% of the solution are not observed cosmetic
    satisfactory hair growth, and patients for whom more
    Fast hair growth, you can use 5%

    Thanks to the convenient form of a spray
    Provide point, purposeful effects on hair follicles.

    Also in a line of alerana, you will find shampoos and
    Balsam-Rinsers, Mask and Tonic Hair Care based on Natural
    Growth stimulants and vitamin and mineral complex ALERANA for comprehensive impact and
    Strengthening hair lukovitsa.

    [one] According to ABD «Tsmi FarmExpert»: «Audit Retail Sales
    Medical and preventive cosmetics in the Russian Federation», «Retail sales audit,
    active and mass market cosmetics in the Russian Federation» (Functional groups — Activators
    hair growth, baldness and hair loss), in value terms,
    January-June 2012.

    [2] Minoxidil refers to K
    Group of activators of potassium channels. This is the most studied group,
    The effectiveness of which is confirmed by numerous clinical studies
    in leading scientific centers of the world.

    [3] Open incomprehensive evaluation study
    Efficiency, safety and tolerance of alerana medicinal preparation
    (2% and 5% mincidila solution), Vma with.M.Kirov, 2012 (6 weeks / 4 months).

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