Chronic deep caries: causes and course of illness


Chronic deep caries: causes and course of illnessThe tendency to frequent consumption of carbohydrates and insufficient cavity care of the oral cavity, in which the cariesogenic microorganisms form a dental flare in large quantities, most often cause chronic deep caries. The residues of food in the oral cavity are subjected to rotting and fermentation, which is caused by insufficient prevention or its absence at all, while a number of reasons contribute to the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria, among them:

  • anatomical structure of the dental system;
  • Food preferences and diet;
  • The composition of saliva;
  • oral hygiene;
  • The presence of seals and prostheses in the oral cavity.

A soft dental flare has a spongy structure, which penetrates saliva and productivity products of microorganisms, porosity under the influence of mineral salts disappears — Dental plaques are formed, which in the absence of treatment and under the influence of organic acids: dairy, ant and oil inevitably lead to the appearance of chronic protracted deep caries.

On the theories of the occurrence of caries

Understanding the importance and significance of the problem determines the study of etiology and pathogenesis, which makes it possible to consider deep caries with a multifactorial disease. To date, more than 400 different theories are distinguished, explaining the emergence of caries. The main, fundamental is considered to be the Miller system, founded in 1884, according to which the carious process passes:

  • the stage of demineralization of the inorganic toothache under the influence of lactic acid;
  • Stage of the destruction of the organic tooth of microorganisms.

In addition to this system in dentistry, the hypothesis of Shant Martin's hypothesis, as a localistic version, and the other type of teaching is concentrated in the theory of Eggers-Lura. Thanks to the creation of numerous teachings and systems, an understanding of the treatment standards has become possible. Attempts to identify reasons were carried out with deep antiquity, but they were not reduced to a single system, as made by modern scientists.

The symbol of the modern approach to the emergence and diagnosis of caries is «Shard Casey», where the possibility of developing the disease under the coincidence of three conditions is schematically presented:

  1. Cariesogenic flora;
  2. Flexible carbohydrates;
  3. Low resistance enamel.

Machine for the diagnosis of caries FISSUR: Laser in health service

Fissurious lesion of dental fabrics is localized in natural recesses, pits and grooves on a tooth-end. Most often, such defects are concentrated on the chewing surface of large indigenous teeth and can be open and closed.

  • Open defeats — This is a deepening, the bottom of which is well visible visually on the inspection of the dentist.
  • Closed — in shape resemble a bottle, with a narrow throat and expansion below, which makes it difficult to diagnose.

Machine for the diagnosis of caries FISSUR: Laser in health serviceThe causes of the appearance of a fissure lesion is food, being an excellent nutrient medium, delayed in the pits and grooves, therefore, speaking of the reasons, stop at the same major — Insufficient oral hygiene.

With visual inspection, it is possible to identify caries in the foxes of an open type, but in the case of a closed type, it is hardly possible to do without auxiliary methods: X-ray diagnostics or apparatus for diagnosing caries Fissur «Diapent». If with a x-ray study it is possible to identify carious defeat in the late stages of the disease, then using the device for effective diagnostics of the Caries of Fissur, the disease can be seen at the most initial stages. This is just an indispensable device for children and adults, when the pathological process develops in natural pits and grooves, and the area of ​​the lesion is poorly cleaned even with the most thorough oral hygiene, and the dream book does not indicate teeth with caries, one hope for traditional medicine.

Dream Interpretation: Teeth with Caries — Bad sign

It does not have to object, it is bad sign, which suggests that the doctor should be sent immediately, without relying on the prophetic dreams. Guided by Dream Interpretation, the teeth with caries will dream of a sharp deterioration of health, and all because not enough attention is paid to the prevention and oral hygiene. Dreams do not need to give mystical significance, it is only worth visiting the dentist twice a year and the teeth with caries will remain only in a dream.

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