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  • Female urinary incontinence
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    Female urinary incontinence

    Urinary incontinence is an involuntary allocation of urine that cannot be voluntary effort.

    urine refers to the group of the most common diseases,
    negatively affecting the quality of life of a suffering woman. Exactly
    Women, as various forms of urine incontinence are most often inherent
    weak floor, among the male population, this disease is found
    Much less often. According to European and American statistics, about
    45% of the female population aged 40-60 years old celebrate symptoms
    involuntary urinary release. According to research carried out on
    territories of the Russian Federation, the symptoms of urine incontinence are found in 38.6% of women. This is
    associated with some features of the structure of the female sexual system.

    Among the causes of urinary incontinence are distinguished:

    • disorders of the detour (muscle wall of the bladder);
      • failure (weakening) of the sphincters of the bladder, urethra;
      • Weakening
        Supporting small pelvis structures. They are connected
        with pregnancy, childbirth transferred operations on the organs of small
        pelvis, age.

      International Retention Society (ISC) allocates the following basic forms of urinary incontinence:

      • Female urinary incontinence, treatmentStressful
        Urine incontinence is an involuntary urine leak at a voltage (change
        Body positions, running, lifting weight, cough, laughter, sneezing). That
        Urinary incontinence occurs without a call on urination.
      • Urgent
        urinary incontinence (imperative urination syndrome or hyperactive
        bladder) - involuntary urine release arising immediately
        After a sudden irresistible urge to urination. Usually, after
        the emergence of this urge, the patient can not stop
        urination and does not have time to reach the toilet;
      • Mixed
        urinary incontinence is accompanied by a sudden uncontrollable calling to
        urination in combination with some voltage (change
        bodies, running, lifting weight, cough, laughter, sneezing);
      • Enuresis -
        any involuntary urine loss at any time of the day. If
        involuntary urination occurs at night during sleep, they say
        about night enuresis;
      • Constant urinary incontinence - permanent
        The leakage of urine is usually associated with the inconsistency of the sphincter
        apparatus, fistula connecting the bladder and vagina, as well as
        anomalous arrangement of the ureter and.
      • Digging,
        involuntary dugout immediately after the completion of the normal act
        urination. Usually associated with the accumulation of urine in the vagina or
        Diverticulus of Urethra during urination.

      Diagnosis of female urinary incontinence

      what would correctly diagnose and assign competent treatment,
      A comprehensive examination of the patient, including:

      • Collection
        Anamnesis is the very first stage of the survey when a doctor
        It is necessary to provide the most complete information about the number of birth
        their character and duration, of all operational interventions
        on the organs of a small pelvis, as well as about the presence of such concomitant
        diseases like diabetes mellitus, stroke, etc.
      • Vaginal study, during which the vagina strokes and the cervical cervical can be taken.
      • Ultrasound kidneys and bladder.
      • Test with gasket, is carried out to determine the number of involuntary urine.
      • Urodynamic studies (urination diary; uroofloumometry (assessment of urination indicators); cystometry (measurement of pressure in the bladder during its filling with a liquid through a catheter); urethra (measurement of pressure in the urethra); electromyography (measuring the abbreviation of the crottest muscles).

      Treatment of female urinary incontinence

      Treatment of urinary incontinence depends on its identified form and provides for different approaches.

      present time for the treatment of urine incontinence at a voltage in everything
      The world was the gold standard of minimally invasive loopers
      (Sling) operations. except
      Operational intervention is often used conservative
      Treatment methods that include special exercises for crotch muscles
      (Box exercises), biological feedback therapy, magnetic
      Stimulation of the neuromuscular apparatus of the pelvic bottom and the organs of the small
      pelvis, application of local hormone therapy in patients
      Applying age.

      For the treatment of hyperactive blade
      Bubble (GAM) uses drug therapy. Operational treatment
      So patient contraindicated.

      Patients suffering from mixed
      The incontinence of urine, a two-stage treatment scheme is carried out: eliminate
      Symptoms of hyperactive urinary
      bubble and then an operation is performed about urinary incontinence
      at voltage.

      The treatment of Enurda involves the use of behavioral therapy, physiotherapy, as well as the reception of drugs.

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