Gout: Disease of abundance


Question number 1. Who is sick of gale?

Gout can develop in people who use a large number of products rich in purines *. Such products include lossina, sardines, liver, herring and some others.

Gout may also occur during overweight, alcohol or high cholesterol levels. In men, gout develops more often than women. In turn, women gout usually develops after menopause.

To medicines that can cause gout include:

  • Some diuretics (diuretic)
  • Niacin (Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin RR)
  • Aspirin (adopted in low doses)
  • Cyclosporin (Sandimun trade names, neoral)
  • Some preparations for cancer.

Question number 2. What is an attack of gout?

The attack is usually developing at night and is accompanied by sudden intense pain, redness and "Fire" In the joint. Most often a big foot finger is affected, which becomes red, painful and hot, but other joints can be involved.

Question number 3. What de

give up during an attack?

Bed regime is required. Pain can be reduced by applying a bubble with ice or a hot compress and freeing the struck joint from contact with aboutGout: Disease of abundanceDeferat or Bed Linen.

The earlier start treatment, the sooner the pain. There are also drugs that reduce swelling and pain. Thanks to this treatment, the gout attack can be removed in a few days.

Question number 4. What happens if I won't take drugs?

If you do not take medicine, the attack can last many days and even weeks. The more often the attacks, the greater the number of joints can be amazed, and the greater may be the duration of attacks.

If there are no attacks for many years, tofes may appear. Tofus is the swelling of soft tissues, which appears due to the deposition of uric acid. Tufasi is usually formed on the fingers and legs, on the elbows and in ear sinks. When goug is often suffering the kidneys, urolithiasis may develop. Over time, the bone in the affected gout joints can be destroyed.

Question number 5. How can I prevent gout bouts?

There are preparations with a prophylactic action regarding gout. These drugs are able to remove urinary acid from the joints, reduce swelling, as well as prevent urinary acid deposition in the joints.

It is recommended to reduce body weight, if it is redundant. If you suffer from arterial hypertension or you have a high level of cholesterol in the blood, take medications, observe a diet with a reduced amount of salt and fat.

Avoid drinking alcohol and food rich in purines. Drink a lot of fluids, it will help the removal of uric acid from the body.

* Purina - Colonated organic nitrogen-containing compounds of the cyclic structure, found in an animal body as a means of metabolism, as well as in some plants.

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