Diet for sick liver


  • Diet for liver

  • Diet for liver

    The presence in the house of a person with a liver disease is
    Serious problem. The metabolism and digestion process is experiencing
    significant reduction in activity even with small failures in the work
    liver. With a worsening of well-being, you need to immediately consult a doctor.
    Call the causes of the disease, determine the diagnosis and assign a diet can
    only attending physician. Dietary food helps reduce activity
    liver, make it easier for her, and at the same time retaining a set of elements
    The necessary organism.

    Depending on the state
    the patient the doctor will be able to regulate the diet, then restricting it, then
    Expanding. In this case, we will discuss the diet recommended when
    chronic diseases of the liver. Such a diet sometimes
    observe for a long time, so it should be
    full-fledged. During the exacerbation of the disease, the doctor can recommend
    strict, even limited diet, but only for a very short time.
    Therefore, we will not stop in detail.

    Applied a few years ago diet in chronic liver diseases
    Excluded from the diet products containing full protein. However, OT
    such diets as a result of long clinical and laboratory
    studies refused, as the patient's body, not receiving
    full protein, lost resistance to all kinds of infections.

    Diet for sick liver
    Modern dietary recommends chronic persons
    liver diseases, nutrition system as much as possible
    nutrition of healthy people, but, undoubtedly, somewhat different from her.
    Restrictions relate primarily by the quantities and quality of consumed
    fat. Diet must contain easily durable proteins and carbohydrates. The protein is necessary for the regeneration of liver tissues, for this the patient's body should receive 1.5 - 2 g of protein per 1 kg body weight. Carbohydrates become the main source of energy, as the use of fats is limited.

    Creamy butter, cream and some types of vegetable
    Oil - olive, soy, sunflower, corn. In connection with
    the need to spare a patient liver some products and dishes follow
    Exclude from diet.

    Food sick should take often,
    Small portions. Best day diet is divided by 4-6
    receptions. Dishes should not be neither hot or too cold. Important
    Method of their preparation. Soups need to be prepared on vegetable rags,
    Vegetable and fruit soups are also recommended. Soups are excluded
    Meat ragners. Vegetable soups fill with a small piece of creamy
    Oil or cream. It is possible to thicken with rubbed vegetables or fruits, and
    Also flour. Fried refills for this diet are not recommended.
    Some types of soups can be fired by non-fascinated or powder
    milk (vegetable puree, potato, fruit). Desirable
    add to them finely chopped greens of dill or parsley. Allowed
    The following soups: Reds, from various vegetables, borshes, scusted
    lemon, serum or rosehip concentrate, fresh tomatoes,
    Fruit and dairy.

    Especially needed dishes,
    Containing proteins. Composite parts of animal proteins
    Have a healing effect on the patient liver, preventing her cells
    From degeneration. Therefore, significantly, what culinary processing
    Exposed products containing protein. Meat and fish
    need to be submitted in boiled form, but meat or fish extracts are not
    Include. If the patient's condition improves, the doctor may
    Allow chicken, turkey, veal or fish baked on
    frying pan without fat, in the oven in parchment or foil, in «Miracle stove».
    To diversify meat and fish dishes, fish, beef or veal,
    Cooked on a vegetable brave, serve with the same vegetables. In boaren
    Meat (or fish) is completely different taste if you pour it with tomato sauce
    Or sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with chopped greens (dill,
    parsley). Baked meat delicious with fruit shore, such as apple.

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