Hit below the belt


Socrates called
urination by the only pleasure for which you do not need to pay.
But when walks in demi-season boots on the spring dishthele and
Romantic dreams on a cold bench end in a thread
abdomen and every minute jogging to the toilet, you understand that money —
the smaller that you are ready to give, just all this stopped.

or inflammation of the bladder — Disease to which all ages
submissive. Become a toilet toilet can also kindergarten and pensioner.
True, women suffer from cystitis three times more often than men. «This is
associated with the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of urethra
canal, — Says the doctor of the highest category, urologist-Andrologist Sergey
Shabashev. — In women, it is wider and short than men. It is his
The structure delivers a lot of problems: bacteria, nesting in the area
external genital organs, do not leave attempts to move to
Near the bladder nearby. In normal conditions, it is not
succeed. Bladder cells are capable of selfHit below the beltOstimative to defend
Joint invaders. But it is worth catching the slightest cold — and bacteria
located there with all the amenities».

It is believed to run to
the doctor needs to immediately, as soon as urination becomes at least a little
painful, frequent urge appear, and not always with the expected
Result. Such symptoms — The first sign of cystitis.

Uninvited guests off-season

cystitis if it is not treated, sooner or later becomes chronic. WITH
enviable constancy he begins to come every spring and autumn. But
The most unpleasant lies in the fact that, occupying the bladder,
bacteria will try to get even higher — in kidneys. «First on background
another cystitis man feels strange gravity in the lumbar
Areas, then suddenly there is a fever with chills, then pain in the side
It becomes unbearable. Already in the hospital it turns out that this is inflammation
Renal Lohanca — pyelonephritis, — describes the event development scenario
Sergey Shabashev. — It is possible that in the future you can and the kidney
lose. That's so banal cystitis can lead to disability».

Men play… and lose

Men in some sense with cystitis were lucky even less than women, despite the fact that they are sick.

strong sex cystitis can sometimes not notice. Especially if
The disease begins… on the weekend. A man looks calm
football under beer, and frequent urge in the toilet is not embarrassed. Strong
Immunity can repay the disease in a couple of days, but the infection is all
equals «Putting» in the body. And then — Several supercooles,
Several exacerbations and here is a new diagnosis — Chronic urethritis I
prostatitis. And that's — not only discomfort, but also problems in personal life»,
— Warns Doctor Shabashev.

Forget about the sarafined radio

remember that the diseases of the urinary system should do not
Plot therapist, and a specialist urologist. And certainly not «Good friends»
with their «Verified» recipes. And effective treatment can
Provide only modern drugs. Among the urologists are popular
joke that some are particularly sophisticated «The enemies of the bladder» already
learned to eat those doping medicines that are most often
Trying to destroy. In practice, most bacteria produces
Durable immunity to actively used drugs.

should include a good antibiotic, a drug that improves
blood supply to the wall of the bladder, as well as anti-inflammatory
means. The selection of components of this cocktail, of course, should
engage professionals. Chronic cystitis therapy combines well
with physiosis and diet therapy.Hit below the belt

If cystitis reminds of itself
From time to time, the diet must exclude products,
irritant bladder wall — After all, most of what
eaten or drunk, excreted from the body precisely with urine.

fire you need to be afraid of carbonated drinks of all varieties, especially those,
in which high content of dyes. Also dangerous sharp and strong
Salty dishes: this delightful taste, so nicely burning the palate,
Sooner or later it will get to the bladder, and then the feeling will be
very others.

If there is at least the slightest suspicion that cystitis is inevitable, it is recommended to drink as much water, tea, morse.

Reduces urine concentration that annoys the inflamed bubble. Very
Milk tea is useful. But the best drink with cystitis — cranberry juice.
Cranberry contains substances acting as a natural antibiotic.

Scientists have found that women who daily drank cranberry juice,
The probability of repeated inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system on
20% less than among women who drank lactic acid products or
tea. It is assumed that the healing effect of cranberry juice is explained
High percentage content in it proantocyanidines — varieties
tanins that are able to slow down the development of pathogenic bacteria in

But cook drink is right. Flushing
Berries, you should squeeze juice, and pour the pouring with water (750 ml per 100 g
berries) and boil. The perceding decoction has already received, add to it
juice and sugar to taste. You can and need to drink up to 1.5 liters per day.

The main culprits cystitis

Ladies, even in bad weather continuing to walk in short skirts and thin
pantyhose, risk becoming hostages of seasonal exacerbations cystitis.

Personal hygiene rules. Of course, the genitals of men and women in general
not intended for the nature in order to be a standard sterile
Purity. But it is impossible to forget that half of cases of diseases cystitis
would not be if in the prelude to the sexual contact in the obligatory
The order was visited by the bathroom.

Chronic gynecological diseases. Urinary and genital organs in a woman are very closely connected and usually «sick» together.

During this period, a woman changes hormonal background, protective protective
The forces of the body, and therefore develop inflammatory diseases.

in the yard. As urologists are joking, most men pick up cystitis,
«restoration hydrobalance in the wind» — Drink beer in frost and frost
get rid of it.

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