Hypotension. What to do?


How to deal with low blood pressure?

Meanwhile, the pressure - is not just a loose: it is much loose concept. That is all the accepted norm as it does not exist. Conducted in England around the clock measurements showed that the systolic (top) pressure is varied - in healthy people! - During the day ... from 60 to 240 mm Hg, diastolic (lower) - from 30 to as many as 200. The distance, as we see, the huge size. But one thing did we know for sure - that the pressure is increased age. Half of elderly men and 70% of elderly women above normal pressure, hypertension is known about why almost all.

About hypotonia (reduced pressure) heardless. From the standpoint of science hypotension - a state of the body, wherein the systolic pressure exceeds 100 mm Hg, and diastolic - 60 mm. In this lowered the tone of the veins, blood circulation slows down and as a result - decreases the overall tone of the body. From a worldly point of view of hypotension - something like sleeping sickness, in which everything is seen as if through a dirty window with one eye open, with half an ear.

Hypotensive patients can be divided into two groups. The first group includes people who have low blood pressure - a symptom of a disease. In this case you should not treat hypotension and what causes it. This may be poor circulation or heart disease, or infectious disease, or problems with hormones - just do not count.

The second group includes all the others, that is, those for whom the reduced pressure though inferior, but the norm.

What is hypotension?

Hypotension can be the following types:

  • temporary
  • professional
  • age

  • Temporary hypotension prone people under the influence of electromagnetic radiation, noise and vibration; and cause it to some chemicals.

    Professional hypotension - the lot of athletes and dancers: so they react to physical overload.

    Children, teenagers, young girls form the third category of hypotensive patients: age.

    The faint fall?

    Hypotension. What to do? Generally speaking, from time immemorial faintedit is a girl. This is a common reaction of the organism is not yet formed on stuffiness, magnetic storms, the weather change. Pressure from these creatures is extremely delicate and can drop due to hormonal fluctuations.

    Compassionate surrounding in such cases to seek breast pocket some heart, though it was with him you have to be careful: nitroglycerin, for example, further reduces the pressure.

    The first thing to do - is to put a man. In the horizontal position improves the blood supply to the brain, and the victim (s) quickly comes to mind. Under head underlay does not need anything: it will reduce the blood supply to the brain and increases the risk of block the airway. If you can not put, it is necessary that the man sat down and put his head down low (ideally it should be between the knees).

    There is a little known but very good way- Press on acupressure points (it is located at a distance of 2/3 of the upper lip to the nose), which restores a sense of balance and cause a burst of energy. Jam on it with the tip of the thumb, pointing up the pressure (slightly).

    Very good in such cases, and a pair of essential oils: they stimulate the mind and help the normal functioning of the brain and heart. Most of these oils - a mixture of rosemary and camphor and mint oil. You can just bring a bottle of oil to the nose of the victim, and it is possible to drip 5-6 drops on a clean handkerchief.

    Symptoms of hypotension

    Most often gipotoniki complain of headache anddizziness. Meanwhile bother them much: insomnia, joint pain, heart. Another sure sign of hypotension - a dislike for public transportation. Gipotoniki particularly hardly transferred to the underground.

    I must say that they are extremely dependent onthe season and the weather is absolutely react at all - fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity. Interestingly, it is better on cold days. Time of day also matters: the rise gipotoniki sluggish, unrefreshed, come to life only a couple of hours. By the middle of the day - a recession. In the evening - again excitement.

    To fight or not to fight?

    To deal with the reduced pressure does not make sense. All you need - is to raise vitality. What do you raise it personally, it is your medicine.

    • If you are better after eating, try to eat less during the day, but more often. Very useful strong green tea.
    • It helps douches, only changes fromcold heat should not be sharp, smooth. You can train the vessels and in the bath. Just do not overdo it: stay in the steam room 12 minutes longer dangerous.
    • Breathe the fresh air - the best way to shake things up.

    • Liqueurs on natural basis - ginseng, Siberian ginseng - also a good thing (if the doctor does not object).
    • Make it a rule to periodically measurepressure. This will help avoid any unpleasant surprises, and most importantly - to find out what is it that helps you: douche, ginseng tincture or larch alley in the park.

  • There are special exercises for hypotensive patients. It is simple and, as we are assured gipotoniki with experience, "refreshing." Here are below it.

  • Gymnastics for gipotonikov

    1. In the supine position, hands at your sides, legs straight: relax, calm, breathe in slowly through your nose, exhale through the mouth. Repeat 5-6 times.
    2. Head turned to the right. The palm of the right hand to put on the left side of the neck, pat her on the angle of the mandible to the clavicle. That makes the left hand with the right half of the neck. Repeat 2-3 times.
    3. Alternately stroking her forehead from the middle to the temples for 30 seconds. Then rub the whiskey with his middle fingers - 6-8 times.
    4. Hands at your sides, relaxed, do 3-4 deep breaths. Relax 30 seconds.
    5. The tips of the four fingers bent over cheekbones set at eye level over the first and press down hard and then less for 6 seconds; Pause 13 seconds. Repeat 3-4 times.
    6. Close your eyes, fingers of both hands pat the eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Repeat 4-5 times.
    7. Hand over hand up, connect the palm, stretch - breath, hands at your sides - exhale. Repeat 4-5 times.
    8. Hand in hand - inhale, put your palms on the lower section of the chest, squeeze - long exhalation through polusomknutye lips. Repeat 4-5 times.
    Hand in hand - inhale, exhale slowly pull to the right breast, then the left leg bent at the knee. Repeat 4-5 times.
  • Breathe, his chin to his chest - breathe out; inhale - exhale, make circular movements of the head to the right; the same - to the left.
  • Lift the straight leg - inhale, lower - exhale. The same - with the other leg. Repeat 4-5 times.
  • Inhale, exhale, sit down, turn the torso to the right, go. The same - with turning left. Repeat four times.
  • Hand in hand - breath, sit down, lean forward to get his fingers foot hands - exhale. Repeat 4-5 times.
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