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  • Despite the low weight (only 15-20 grams), the thyroid gland participates in almost all the most important processes occurring in the body. Hormones that it produces stimulates metabolism in cells and regulate such important processes as breathing, eating, sleep, movement.

    With blood flow hormones of this gland spread throughout the body. The common mind and bright memory are dependent on them from the moment when the child is still in the abdomen of mom. Normal growth and development are impossible without a healthy thyroid gland. No less important – Creation and preservation of female beauty. After all, the hormones of the thyroid gland affect the formation of the mammary glands and the harness of the figure. The thyroid plays an important role in the formation of immunity. Her hormones stimulate cells with which the body struggles with infection.

    This is only a part of what the thyroid gland affects our body. But this is enough to understand that if «the supplier» hormones fails, the work of the whole body is located, and not some one organ. Therefore, for the state of the thyroid gland, it is necessary to closely and, if necessary, do not postpone how to see a doctor.

    If the thyroid fell ill…

    Thyroid disease When the thyroid gland is healthy, then all organs work simply. But it happens that its activity decreases, which is accompanied by a decrease in hormone levels. This condition is called hypothyroidism. There may be an inverse situation, activity and level of hormones increase, then we are talking about hyperthyroidism (another name – thyrotoxicosis) . If the thyroid gland works too diligently, additional portions of hormones accelerate all processes in the body. Externally, this is manifested in the fussiness, excitation and even aggression, the mood may vary instantly – from joyful to a fusive or apatic. Waves on the body passes heat, sweating increases. Despite the elevated appetite, the food does not settle on the sides, but by contrary, the weight is reduced. Always want to drink and …get rid of eaten and drunk, more often emptying the stomach.

    All of the above can be attributed to the usual stress of the city inhabitant. That is why many turn to a specialist only when more serious symptoms arise – Student heartbeat, trembling in the limbs, general weakness due to muscle atrophy.

    From some moment to know that man is sick, you can no words – Just looking at his eyes. And the point is not that they are the mirror of the soul, but in the fact that when problems with the thyroid gland, they can become convex, eyelids swell, bags are formed. Another external factor that occurs always, but quite often – goiter. It arises due to the increase in the thyroid gland.

    What happens when hormones are produced very little? In this case, all processes in the body, on the contrary, slow down. Energy is formed less, which leads to a decrease in body temperature. All the time I want to wake warmer. But, despite the additional layer of clothing, infections follow one after another due to the fact that hormones cease to stimulate the immune system.

    The body categorically does not want to part with its contents: the weight grows as on the yeast, constipation. But all these symptoms can easily be written off for personal qualities («Oh, I am such a marriage», «I'm missing wrong») and chronic bad luck.

    Do not associate with thyroid gland and other characteristic signs of hypothyroidism – Headache, snoring, ringing in ears, weakness and fast fatigue. Brush hair and dry skin Many generally consider their innate property… How not to fall into depression? By the way, the latter is very often explained not to weakness and inability to cope with his mood, as many people think, and the levels of hormones think. This is also one of the manifestations of hypothyroidism.

    Reflects the weak activity of the thyroid gland and at the work of the heart – Its rhythm slows down, and in the blood is increasing cholesterol.

    How to help her

    It turns out that the diseases of the thyroid gland are often disguised as other, less terrible problems. Therefore, it is very important not to miss the moment and get to the reception to the competent doctor-endocrinologist, which, conducting the necessary surveys (ultrasound of the thyroid gland, blood test for hormones and some others) will prescribe the necessary treatment.

    Currently, the thyroid gland is successfully treated, but for this it is important to appear at the doctor on time, without bringing the disease to serious complications.

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