What «Football infarction», or how «get sick» On Health?


What is & laquo; football infarction & raquo;, or like & laquo; sick & raquo; On health?

GOAL on the hospital bed

Recently left the hospital. Rested in «Favorite» Cardiology for almost a month.
Boring Body Office Slightly Diversified Cable Television,
access to which was only in «Cash-companies».

Of course, it was not always possible to see an interesting program. Women's
half «variable composition» preferred endless serials, but
During the broadcast of football matches, men became inexorable and
solid like granite.

No admonition and requests for them
acted - only football! Fan emotion bursts could pay off
Only a strict nurse, threatening to turn off «box» and send everyone

Meanwhile, the rigor of the medical staff in relation to fans is quite
justified. Doctors around the world celebrate a surge and exacerbation
cardiovascular diseases during and after the most exciting
Sports events. In the medical environment, there was even a term -
«Football infarction», unnecessary to the football players, but

The main reason for such infarction is the changes in the body caused by
Strong nervous excitation. And therefore they are not only seniors
Men traditionally located in the risk group, but also green youth.

15 years ago Group of Munich doctors examined the state of fans
on one of the football championships. It turned out that the sharp moments on
The field caused an increase in blood pressure and an increase in frequency
Pulse, which has reached more than 160 shots per minute! And this
without any physical exertion.

Causes «Football infarction»

By itself, a frequent pulse is not a terrible phenomenon, a player on
The field of its values ​​are the same. But unlike a fan, player
experiencing serious physical exertion, causing not only
Increase the pulse rate, but also breathing. And then the flow of oxygen
in the muscles, including in the heart, the player increases, and
No fan. As a result of oxygen starvation, the probability
Infarcity increases significantly.

Vessels are brought on their contribution. Arterial pressure of the fan can
Rose up to 240 mm mercury. Hypertensive crisis at all
Nearby, not everyone will withstand the pressure twice as far as.

The excited nervous system gives the command to endocrine glands on
Development of adrenaline emitted in blood in large quantities.
The footballer burns its excess work of the muscles, and the fan, almost
motionless sitting on the podium, extra adrenaline narrows vessels and yet
More enhances blood pressure.

Even joy and babe cause a painful reaction of the body, that
talk about situations when the favorite team loses.

What can be

Stir! Ringing from places and waving hands -
Natural body reaction for excess adrenaline. Break better
Do not sit, but stroll, at least by passage. After the match do not wait
Bus at the bus stop. It's time to walk 5-6 stops,
You look, and in transport will become freer.

Many fans do not bother with a trip to the stadium, but prefer
Watch television reportage at home in a cozy armchair with a bottle of beer in
hand. Others are going to the Bar with a large screen in the company of friends. AND
You can drink, and eat, and smoke. And to turn around - plenty, around
After all, the same fans. Solid pleasure. But for some reason not
It is taken into account that unindestrinary alcohol, nicotine and stuffy room still
Load the load on the heart.

Of course, without emotions in life can not do. But try to try
caution. «Belt» wisely. Any sport is just a game, and
Pleasure to watch her should not harm health.

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