The role of screening and preventive medical examination for early detection of cancer


The role of screening and preventive medical examination for early detection of cancerSomeone did not have enough time to go to the doctor andget tested. One of the false fear, knowing with an increased risk of cancer, did not conduct the survey. And someone does not know about the need for screening and clinical examination. Even the word sounds unusual screening and completely incomprehensible.

Mass screening to identifya particular disease is called screening. Most often it is incorrectly referred to as clinical examination. When screening identify patients at risk - with precancerous diseases with occupational hazards, genetic predisposition, a certain genotype and things like that. This group of patients is subject to clinical examination - the doctor's systematic monitoring of the state of health in the prevention and early detection of illnesses, timely treatment and relapse prevention.

The screening includes the usual, familiar to allschool-age annual tests and examinations. With age, their number increases. In the 40 years recommended to do a gastroscopy, colonoscopy 45. After age 40, men need to check the level of PSA after 30 women to do breast ultrasound. The volume of the survey make better individually with your doctor.

In identifying the risk of developing cancerdiseases need to either increase the frequency of examinations, for example, twice a year during endoscopy Barrett's esophagus, or increase the number of inspections - such as CT when detecting pancreatic it benign.

All drivers of vehicles clearly aware ofthe need for maintenance, as they say "TO" machine (every 10-20 thousand run, depending on the brand of car). At least once a year the car goes to the service. Lack of regular maintenance - the cause costly breakdowns. However, to your body people are completely different. Few held annually screening and clinical examination ... And if the car can be in the end, and the other to purchase, replace the stomach or liver cancer completely affected, alas, is not possible ... Remove small villous colon polyps at colonoscopy takes about half an hour . And everything can be over many hours of operation, followed by the release of stool through the colostomy on his stomach, and it still may not be the worst option in the development of colon cancer.

Spend "TO" your body. Come to the reception to the oncologist or physician, discuss the scope of surveys, Spend a little time and it will return to health for years to come.

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