Why increased lymphocytes in the blood


lifotsityLymphocytes are a type ofleukocyte white blood cells and are produced in the bone marrow. In humans, they are responsible for the recognition and neutralization of infection, fungi, viruses, tumor cells. In the adult blood cells constitute 19-37% of all leukocytes. Cases where lymphocytes increased due to the presence of inflammation in the body.

Types lymphocytosis

Health allocates relative and absolutelymphocytosis. Relative lymphocytosis occurs in children under two years of age and patients with rheumatic diseases, Addison's disease, hyperthyroidism, splenomegaly. Absolute view observed in a total increase in the number of leukocytes in acute viral infections, diseases of the lymphatic system. Also, the absolute increase in lymphocytes may indicate tuberculosis, endocrine disruption, and lymphocytic leukemia.

Causes of lymphocytosis

One of the reasons for the increase in blood lymphocytesa hyperactive immune system in these patients their number increases dramatically, even with minor colds. For these patients, doctors prescribe additional tests to rule out cancer.

Other causes of lymphocytosis:

  • anemia;
  • neurasthenia;
  • starvation;
  • some drugs.

At full curing disease lymphocytes high level in the blood can be maintained for several more days.

Diagnosis lymphocytosis

Increasing the level of lymphocytes in the blood isa symptom of a disease, so it is required to treat a pathological process, which it signals. In some cases, lymphocytosis may occur without any external manifestations, while it discovered incidentally during routine preventive examinations.

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