Removal of the adenoids, the postoperative period


  • The postoperative period
  • Memo postoperative patients

  • The postoperative period

    Great importance is attached to the regime of the day,
    balanced diet, proper tempering.

    The postoperative period every child has its own characteristics,
    depending on the nature of the operation. The specificity of small operations (adenotomy et al.) Is that children are not prescribed
    compliance with bed rest. However, the child must be under constant
    adult supervision - mother, grandmother, or someone who cares for them. At home
    should create all conditions so that the baby is strictly observe the regime of the day.

    To return the child from the hospital should prepare clear
    bed linen, then ventilate the room, warm it, if there is
    necessary, dampen glare. If it is necessary to measure prescribed by a doctor
    child's temperature, it is recommended to do it in the morning, between 7 and 9 am and in the evening,
    between 18 and 20 hours. The indicators of the thermometer should be recorded.

    After a number of outpatient operations, especially when the child is in a hurry
    take home, to prevent swelling in the area of ​​the surgical wound
    it is recommended to put a bubble with ice or cold water. In the first days after
    operations in the sinuses can cause swelling of the upper eyelid, so you need to pay
    attention to the child's eyes. In these cases, the eye was washed with warm 20%
    Albucidum solution. These procedures do at home, they are simple and harmless.

    Memo postoperative patients

    After the operation, you must observe the pediatrician.

    Avoid physical stress, sun exposure,
    bathing; observe the mode of the day (mandatory naps - 2 hours).

    Observe the diet: Limit meat, fried, spicy food.


    • Removal of the adenoids, the postoperative periodcarrot juice 1/2 cup in the morning; yogurt - a glass of morning and
      evening; porridge: buckwheat, oats, semolina; egg - 1 pc. in a day; vegetable
      dishes, cottage cheese;
    • 7 days after the operation: meat soups, steam cutlets, fish, liver, boiled;
    • fruit in unlimited quantities.
    • Later - hardening of the body, stay in motels.

    If the adenoids are removed at the clinic, then after 2-3 hours after
    the operation of the child can be taken from ENT's office, but
    provided that in the village have ambulance service.

    For the prevention of postoperative bleeding baby
    You need to comply with bed rest for the first night, and
    2-3 days to limit physical activity (outdoor games, activity
    physical education);
    unacceptable overheating, shared bath, sauna. The nose buried
    vasoconstrictors drop-ephedrine 2.1% strength solution, or
    Naftizina 0.05% solution or 2% solution
    protargola 2- 3 times a day. In the first two days
    It prohibits the reception of hot and spicy dishes. The living area, which is
    the operated child, kept clean, wet cleaning is carried out
    If you start bleeding, the patient should immediately
    hospitalized in the ENT hospital, preferably in the same, which is made

    In the case of open nasal surgery, it is necessary
    refer to a speech therapist. If the difficulty of nasal breathing after adenotomy lasts more than two weeks, the child should be
    show the operating surgeon. It must be borne in mind that after the operation of many
    children saved mouth breathing, although obstacles to nasal breathing is not. AT
    it is recommended that specific exercises aimed at strengthening
    respiratory muscles and eliminate mouth breathing habits. breathing exercises
    It can be carried out under the supervision of a specialist for physical therapy or
    home after appropriate consultation.

    Here are a number of simple but
    very effective exercises that contribute to the restoration of the nose

    • Walking with extended
      inhaling and exhaling through the nose.
    • Running on the spot with a deep
      breathing through the nose.
    • Squatting breathing
      through the nose.
    • Breathing alternately
      through the right and left halves of the nose.
    • Movement of hands in the form of
      jerks a turn of the body to the side, with a smooth inhalation and exhalation through sharp
    • Movement on hands
      the side surfaces of the body with a deep breath through your nose and exhale through the mouth.
    • torso
      the sides on the exhale
      Sound min.
    • Inhale, then
      tolchkoobrazny exhale through the nose.

    If the postoperative period was normal, the child can
    attend kindergarten for 3-5 days after surgery. After removal of the palatine
    child's tonsils, living in the same locality where held
    operation, usually prescribed for 5-6 day. Kindergarten, he may attend at
    7-10 day (with the exemption from physical training for 3-4 weeks). kid
    required after each meal rinse your mouth with warm water regularly
    brush your teeth, to observe good personal hygiene. Other members of the family are required
    not only to help him
    This, and
    maintain cleanliness in the house.

    Within 10-12 days after discharge from the hospital, the child
    it is recommended to comply with sparing regimen. There should be no physical activity,
    Stay out of the sun, spicy, coarse food, beverages, increase
    blood pressure, strong tea and coffee. On the 10th day after surgery
    It allowed the common table.

    In case of bleeding from the throat require urgent
    hospitalization. To prevent complications in the operated for 6 months
    the child must be under medical supervision, as parents should be aware.

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