Hypogonadism: Diagnosis and Treatment


  • Diagnosis of hypogonadism
  • Treatment of hypogonadism

  • Diagnosis of hypogonadism

    In the diagnosis of age-related hypogonadism primarily
    It should focus on the presence of certain clinical
    symptoms. To facilitate diagnostic procedures exist
    different profiles, allowing a high degree of probability to identify
    men for further examination and treatment.

    Age hypogonadism in men can be suspected when:

    Having one of the manifestations:

    • decreased sexual drive
    • reduction in force or intensity of erections

    At least three or more of the following expressions:

    • vigor decline
    • decrease in strength and endurance
    • growth decline
    • reduction of curiosity and the desire for pleasure
    • feelings of guilt or sadness
    • decrease in endurance sports and activities
    • afternoon drowsiness
    • reduction career disability

    There are indirect manifestations of the age of hypogonadism:

    • enlargement of the prostate
    • Decrease of prostatic juice, citric acid
    • crystallization of secret loses its characteristic for healthy males structure
    • reduction in the level of fructose in semen

    In order to clarify the diagnosis of age-related hypogonadism is necessary to determine the level of sex hormones.

    In this case, the main hormone is testosterone. at
    confirmation of the diagnosis should consult a doctor who will prescribe
    the necessary treatment.

    Treatment of hypogonadism

    The mainstay of treatment is to normalize the age of hypogonadism
    Testosterone levels in serum. carrying out
    testosteronsoderzhaschimi replacement therapy drugs and holding
    stimulating therapy aimed at stimulating the synthesis of its own

    Hypogonadism: Diagnosis and Treatment
    The main preparations for androgen
    therapy in men are products of natural testosterone. In
    testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), there are several
    modifications as oral, injectable and transdermal
    application. A decision on the treatment form, its duration and dosage
    accepted by the skilled physician, taking into account the particular characteristics of the patient,
    his age and clinical symptoms.

    Adequate dosing regimen testosterone preparations in a form of intramuscular injection one time per 3-4 weeks.

    Can microencapsulated form of action of the drug 3-4
    months, from which after injection is gradually released testosterone.

    Testosterone may be used in the form of crystalline
    implants injected under the skin, which provide uniform
    hormone release within 6 months.

    For drugs for transdermal administration include gels
    testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, and patches. Plasters
    There are two types - for everyday sticking to the skin of the body or
    the skin of the scrotum.

    The preparation of testosterone in a gel applied to the skin. Daily
    the dose is calculated individually and depends on the production of endogenous

    Thus, the specific tactics and scheme
    androgen therapy are selected individually for each
    patient and depend on the clinical manifestations of the age of hypogonadism,
    testosterone levels, as well as the set of therapy and possible targets
    side effects.

    Absolute contraindications for growth hormone
    androgen therapy are breast cancer and prostate cancer. TO
    relative contraindications include sleep disorders as sleep apnea,
    dyslipidemia, obstructive bronchopulmonary disease, intensive
    Normalization of testosterone levels return man self-confidence,
    willingness and ability to continue to lead an active life, to push the
    process of physical and mental extinction.

    The sooner you see your doctor-andrologist, the faster
    It is able to solve many of the problems caused by age

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