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  • Gynecomastia
  • Gynecomastia, causes and symptoms
  • How to diagnose gynecomastia
  • How is the treatment of gynecomastia

  • Gynecomastia

    Gynecomastia - an increase in milk gloomy in men, sometimes
    accompanied by lactation (breeding). Arises as a result of hormonal
    disorders and manifests itself by the growth of breast fabric in men.

    Physiological gynecomastia:

    • Newborn
    • Teenage gynecomastia (more often one-sided, disappears independently)
    • Elder gynecomastia (almost always bilateral)

    True gynecomastia: observed at different states when the balance between
    Male and female sex hormones.

    False gynecomastia: An increase in the size of dairy glasses due to redundant development
    adipose tissue.

    Gynecomastia, causes and symptoms

    • Increase milk gloomy in menNewborn, physiological gynecomastia is connected with the influence of maternal hormones penetrating through
      placenta; Passes in a few days / weeks. During puberty
      The boys 12-15 years have caused by the high secretion of female sex hormones. Street
      G­No vastity (after 65 years) is associated with a decrease in the products of men's genital hormones.
    • True gynecomastia. Improving the content of female sex hormones -
      excessive products of tumors (eggs, liver, lungs, etc.);
      Insufficient processing in the liver (cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, others
      liver diseases); The use of drugs containing
      Women's hormones or possessing hormone-like action (internship,
      Anabolics, estrogens), increased thyroid fucked, deficiency
      Male sex hormones (with genetic deviations, during injuries
      Eggs, orchitis, irradiation, drug-conditioned - Cimetidine,
      Spironolactone, Furosemide, Diazepams, Anticancer preparations,
      Resern, Verapamil, Teophylline).
    • The cause of gynecomastia, developing after fasting, consider the resumption
      secretion of hormones and reducing the processing of hormones in starvation.
    • Idiopathic gynecomastia. In some cases, the reason to find out is not possible.

    Manifestations of gynecomastia:

    • An increase in dairy glasses (or one gland); possible their seal, less often - allocation
      Secret, redness of the skin over the iron. Under node form is determined by more
      Dense plot with noncipe contours, as a rule - single.
    • Teenage gynecomastia appears at the age of 12-15 years. Usually it has
      Little dense nodal disappearing for 1-2 years. Possible diseases
      and the allocation of the secret from the breast ducts.
    • Signs of liver damage (more often than alcoholic cirrhosis).
    • Signs of thyroid disease.
    • Manifestations of a malignant tumor secreting hormones (manifestations depend
      from the type of tumor).

    How to diagnose gynecomastia

    The diagnosis of gynecomastia is carried out by a surgeon or an endocrineologist.

    • Blood test for choriogonadotropin, testosterone, literinization hormone,
      Estradiol, prolactin.
    • Functional samples of the liver.
    • Other studies - according to the testimony (study of the function of the thyroid gland,
      Chromosomal analysis, ultrasound, mammography, biopsy, etc.).

    How is the treatment of gynecomastia

    • Increase milk gloomy in men To eliminate the use of marijuana.
    • Cancellation of the medicinal product that caused gynecomastia.
    • If gynecomastia arose due to obesity, a diet is shown contributing to
      Normalization of body weight.
    • With teenage gynecomastia, it is enough to increase exercise.
    • With nodal forms of gynecomastia in adulthood preferably
    • Conservative treatment of gynecomastia can be effective in the first 4
      month from the beginning of the disease. In the middle stage of development
      Diseases (4-12 months) Conservative treatment rarely gives effect, and
      It is ineffective after the year of its existence. The task is conservative
      Treatment is to shift the hormonal balance towards increasing
      Level of men's genital hormones. Pretty effective in treatment
      Gynecomastia Danazole. Side Effects, such as body weight improvement,
      acne, swelling, nausea, muscle spasms limit use
      This drug.
    • Surgical treatment of gynecomastia
      appointed in all cases when conservative treatment is not shown
      or did not give effect. In adolescence surgical treatment
      prescribed only two years after the development of the disease, since
      This period can still be hoped for independent recovery. At
      The presence of very pronounced gynecomastia even in adolescence
      Surgical treatment is shown. The purpose of the operation is to restore
      Normal breast contour.
    Physiological gynecomastia passes without treatment. Canceling drugs that caused
    Gynecomastia, leads to a decrease in the size of dairy glasses. In other cases
    Forecast and outcome depend on the cause of the disease. Diffuse gynecomastia is not
    Risk factor for cancer.

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