Comfortable life without dysbiosis


Comfortable life without dysbiosisImagine: every morning you sip a sweet, slow and unstressed get up, wash, brush your teeth ... and for half an hour or even an hour, "hang out" in the toilet. You can not just have time to work hard from an early Saturday morning to get in another empty store or pass the "dacha" plug, and on the way the stomach and then reminds himself - well, if when the window endless expanses, and if it happens in the city center, where there is no place to stop something?

"Morning diarrhea", or, scientifically, syndromeirritable bowel (IBS), - one of the most common diseases of our time. And let the doctors agree that the main cause of this ailment are stress, constant companions of the life of a big city - and it should be recognized that IBS is caused by abnormal development of the state of the intestinal bacterial flora.

The normal balance of bacteria in the body is easyundermine by improper and irregular diet, fatty or excessively gas-forming foods, frequent consumption of coffee or alcohol. Once a spoiled bacterial environment (dysbiosis) is restored very slowly by itself, the body adapts to a distorted state, and already in the fight against “morning diarrhea” neither the psychotherapeutic sessions nor the iron will carried out the principles of a healthy diet and daily routine help.

It is here that may be useful precisely tuned effects on intestinal bacteria.
For example, the Normobact synbiotic contains a probiotic- 4 billion as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli and the prebiotic raftilose. This natural fructo-oligosaccharide derived from chicory is an excellent medium for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Thanks to this combination of pro- and prebiotics,Normobact reduces the correction period of dysbiosis to 10 days. In addition, it is sometimes difficult and unpleasant to drink a capsule or unpleasantly smelling bacteria.

One of the main advantages of Normobakta - it tastes good. Normobakt produced in powder form in sachets and easily bred in any beverage such as juice or yoghurt.

Normobakt easy and delicious take care of your microflora!

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There are contraindications. Before use, you must read the instructions or consult a doctor.

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