Erosive Gastritis: Symptoms and Treatment


You begin to notice that more and more often
there is a breakdown, after eating you appear unpleasant sensations in the stomach,
burp? Take a survey, it is possible, these are the first symptoms of chronic
erosive gastritis.

is erosive gastritis

Erosive Gastritis: Symptoms and TreatmentErosive gastritis - a type of inflammation of the mucous
gastric wall in which it is destroyed. As a result there are defects - erosion. Based on the features of the disease, erosive gastritis is divided into
acute and chronic.

The development of acute erosive gastritis associated with
severe poisoning, poisons or chemicals, serious violations
kidney and liver function, sepsis. It is rarely found and most dangerous form
disease. Most often it is not possible to cure, and the disease becomes
chronic form.

Chronic erosive gastritis can develop as
a side effect of certain medications, regular
alcohol, excessive spicy food, and may be accompanied by such
diseases such as gastric cancer, Crohn's disease.

Erosive reflux gastritis - a subspecies
chronic forms of the disease. With a weak pylorus (the muscle that "closes"
exit from the stomach), and violation of intestinal motility, bile from the intestine gets into
stomach. It contains a lot of acids that destroy the gastric mucosa.

symptoms of erosive gastritis

Manifestations of the disease depend on its shape. at
acute gastritis symptoms appear suddenly. Patients feel nausea,
strong burning sensation under the xiphoid process of the sternum. The characteristic signal - blood
vomit. Chair irregular, often in black - a sure sign
the presence of blood in feces (melena). After a meal one feels a sense of
heaviness and dull pain in the stomach.

Diagnosing chronic gastritis alone - is very difficult. After all, in the early stages the symptoms are inconspicuous or
no. Patients report bloating, acid belching, discomfort
stomach, constant weakness. When reflux gastritis symptoms are very similar,
Some people complain about the bitter taste in the mouth. The first typical symptoms
It appears only in exacerbation of the disease.

The main methods of treatment of erosive

Erosive Gastritis: Symptoms and TreatmentWhen the complex is carried erosive gastritis
treatment. In order to develop treatment regimens doctor must determine the cause
disease. When there is a suspicion of bacterial mucosal lesion,
the patient is prescribed antibiotics. If symptoms suggestive of
excessive bleeding, the physician should consider the possibility of surgery
intervention. If at the time of diagnosis of the disease the patient was taking
medications that can irritate the lining of the stomach, they cancel or prescribe in
injectable form.

The second direction - is the acceleration of healing
mucous. The patient is prescribed drugs that bind free acid
stomach ( "Omez" "Almagel"). This protects the wall from the aggressive
actions. It justifies the use of drugs that accelerate the regeneration of the mucous
( "Trental" "Iberogast"). There drugs ( "Alsukral") which are capable of
create a protective film on the mucosal surface. Their use considerably
It accelerates the healing process.

During his illness the stomach can not work as usual
mode. Therefore, the patient is prescribed a variety of enzyme preparations
( "Mezim").

When reflux gastritis prescribed drugs,
improve intestinal motility. When bleeding is necessary to take
hemostatics medications.

When erosive gastritis assigned diet - it
the key point of treatment. During this period, you need to completely abandon the acute and
salty foods, citrus fruits, fried, alcohol, strong coffee, tea, carbonated
drinks, fatty meat. All of these products or irritate the stomach wall, or
require longer digestion. Milk and legumes cause flatulence, their
use should be restricted.

The basis of the diet - porridge, cooked or cooked
steamed vegetables, soups. You can use dairy products with low
acid content. Dietary meat, lean fish - the main source of protein
diets time.

Treatment of erosive gastritis traditional methods - a very dangerous thing in this severe disease. Attempt self unlikely
to be successful and costly to your body.

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