Pancreas: enzymes - in the fire of digestion?


  • Should I spoil the pancreas?
  • When not do without enzymes
  • What a feast for the stomach - for disaster pancreas

  • Should I spoil the pancreas?

    Pancreas: enzymes - in the fire of digestion? First I want to draw your attention: although the advertising said about the improvement of the stomach, in fact, all the enzyme preparations contain pancreatic enzymes. They do not work in the stomach and the digestive process are included in the next stage of its - in the duodenum. And colored shell is created in such a way as to dissolve only in the duodenum.

    Thus, the enzyme preparations primarily facilitate operation pancreas. and only indirectly affect the stomach and partly - the liver.

    It would seem that what is bad, if we facilitatethe work of his digestive system? It turns out, not so good. Firstly, despite the fact that enzymes are getting too expensive chemical means, such products of animal origin have only in the last century. Now enzymes produced by biotechnology using transgenic organisms.

    But the most important thing is not the point. If you have too much "help" your muscles, they weaken (atrophy). Without physical exertion also weakens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and the bones become more fragile. If not enough to train the brain, it also loses its activity. No wonder the representatives of intellectual professions for much longer and better than others retain memory and clarity of thought, even in old age.

    Similarly, without "training" and weakens the digestive system. Long-term use of enzyme preparations leads to a lazy pancreas syndrome. These are not empty words: chronic pancreatitis in 20 years of the disease mortality rate to 60% - and in the first place due to the reduction of pancreatic activity.

    Therefore, although the short term enzymes are safe, their use should still only if they can not do without.

    When not do without enzymes

    At the same acute indigestion or exacerbation of chronic diseases (especially pancreatitis) enzyme preparation is needed. However, it should be taken in the course of 1-2 months,simultaneously with a strict diet and complex treatment of disease in general. Fortunately, now there are a lot of herbal remedies are very effective in pancreatitis.

    But taking extremely haphazard enzymesundesirable. Of course, if you have overeaten for years three to five times and dealt with the problem with pills, no special trouble. But, unfortunately, any simple solutions lead to abuse.

    The presence of enzymes almost always at handIt means that a person will overeat on a regular basis - weekly or more often. As a result, next year will require stronger medication, then - even stronger, and then you find that even porridge stomach does not work without enzymes.

    Therefore, the best approach - alwayscontrol the quality and amount of food eaten. In most cases, it is very simple: you just do not have a cinema, as well as at home in front of the TV or with a book. If all the focus is on the food, the body will decide when to stop.

    What a feast for the stomach - for disaster pancreas

    It is more difficult during the holidays, when an interesting chat, drink and change of dishes dull feeling of satiety. But the holidays are not every day and not so hard to prepare for them.

    • Firstly, half an hour before a meal to drink 300-500ml of water - ordinary or mineral. Most modern people are almost always in a state of slight dehydration. You can not feel thirst, but the stomach, pancreas and liver will be very grateful for a sip of water before the hard work.
    • Shortly before the festival take plantgepatoprotektor. Take the time to go for it to the pharmacy. Also consult with a pharmacist - surely they have some herbal medicines that improve the work of the stomach and digestion in general. These two or three natural medication will not prevent take before the holiday, and on several occasions - after him.
    • To help stomach and pancreas,it is not necessary to take enzymes in tablets. Pineapple, kiwi and papaya contain very strong proteolytic enzymes improve digestion perfectly.
    • If you host a holiday - must apply to the table at least one of these fruits. First of all they are relevant to the meat and fish dishes as promote the digestion of proteins.
    • If you go away - no one bothers to bring a basket of kiwi or pineapple with him. I think you are not too difficult to convince the owner to submit the fruit to the table, without waiting for dessert.

    Of course, the best remedy for overeating - notthere are too many. But when you're at the holiday table, it is very difficult to resist. And in such cases, the aid must come natural means - first and foremost it is the right choice of fruit on the menu. A drug is better to postpone in case of illness. And even if they will never be used.

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