How to avoid stomach ulcers?


  • Ulcer – time bomb
  • Factors contributing to the occurrence of stomach ulcers
  • How to avoid dangerous ailment?

    Ulcer – time bomb

    How to avoid stomach ulcers? A stomach ulcer, like a slowdown bomb, appears at any time of the year, but more often in winter or spring during bypartines. It can be accompanied by strong stomach pains immediately after meals - ulcer in the stomach itself or 2 hours after meals - an ulcer in a 12-risen intestine. It is dangerous that the ulcer of the stomach often gives such terrible complications, as a hole in the abdominal cavity, rebirth in cancer, gastric bleeding. And so give an example: a man of 45 years old smoked a lot, daily used beer and, of course, loved smoked fish. He had a stomach, but he did not examine, and when at night, the strongest pain in the area of ​​the stomach appeared, as if the blow was a dagger, it turned out that the spinning of ulcers came. Man taken away "ambulance" right to the operating table.

    Another example: a woman of 32 years old also made an operation about the spinning of the stomach ulcers. She, forgetting about his suffering, continued to smoke a lot, 25 cigarettes per day. Her again in serious condition was taken to hospital. This time, her new stomach ulcer was formed, which during the spinning risen to the bustling bubble and gave the strongest, to shock, pain.

    Factors contributing to the occurrence of stomach ulcers

    The ulcer of the stomach is a chronic recurrent disease, in which, as a result of violations of nerve and humoral mechanisms, regulating secretory - trophic processes in a gastro - duodenal zone, an ulcer in the stomach or duodenal gauge is formed, less often two ulcers and more. Factors contributing to the occurrence of ulcerative diseases of the stomach. In the first place, it is the hereditary factor. It lies in the fact that the body itself is inclined to increased production of gastric juice and gastric enzymes. In second place - Helicobacteria. It is in the stomach and also with a convenient case destroys the mucous cells. In third place there are such provoking moments as a violation of a diet, consumption of oily, fried, smoked, tight salty, very hot or very cold food. Fourth place in the occurrence of ulcer of the stomach occupies smoking and alcohol consumption. And the last place in the appearance of the stomach ulcers or the exacerbation of the already existing ulcer of the stomach, has negative emotions, long-term mental overvoltages, conflict situations, sleep and nutritional disorders.

    How to avoid dangerous ailment?

    However, with the prophylactic goal of many factors can be avoided, and therefore, to avoid such a serious agence, as the peptic ulcer of the stomach and the 12th intestine. To do this, you must follow the requirements:
    Sleep 6 - 8 hours;
    abandon fat, smoked, fried food;
    During pain in the stomach, it is necessary to be examined and the food take 5 - 6 times a day, rubbed, easily digested: porridge, kissels, steam cutlets, fish, vegetables, omelet;
    treat sick teeth so that food is good to burn;
    avoid scandals, since after the nervous overvoltage of pain in the stomach increase;
    Do not take food very hot or very cold, as this can contribute to the occurrence of esophageal cancer;
    Do not smoke;
    Do not abuse alcohol.
    It is necessary to remember, ulcerative ulcer of the stomach - this is not only local damage to the stomach. This is a painful illness of the whole organism, which is easier to prevent than the whole life to adapt to it and treat it.
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