• What is scabies
  • Symptoms scabies
  • Cachet treatment

  • What is scabies

    Scabies was known another 4000 years ago. Despite
    At such an ancient age - this disease continues to strive
    man. Unfortunately, precise statistics, in incidence of scabies
    no, because the illness does not rush to the doctor at the reception, and try
    Cure yourself. Even if the patient appeals to the doctor, - not
    Always in his card it is recorded precisely this diagnosis (more often
    Allergic dermatitis). And all because according to the instructions of the medical institution
    must hold anti-epidemic events if found
    Sick scabies. Since this disease contributes to
    Social phenomenon as a migration of the population is unlikely to be found that
    The near future about scabies will be forgotten.

    The causative agent of scabies - scales - intradermal parasite. Transmitted only from person to man.
    Chesoccal tick inhabits skin, on the surface of the skin, but with complicated
    the flow can affect and deeper its layers.

    Most often infection occurs when close contact
    With patients. The smallest percentage of infection is on the household
    transmissions - through items (bed linen, towels, urine and
    T.D.). The probability of picking a garlic tick in public
    Transport Mala. It is easy to explain - the scaffold tick in the external environment
    Lives for long. But still this probability exists. So besides
    Close contact with sick man scabies can be infected in
    Public bath, hotel, train and in other places in general

    Symptoms scabies

    The first signs of scabies appear practically
    Immediately, since the female of the Chesocci Tick immediately begins to load
    moves and lay eggs. If a person picked up not a female, but only
    larvae, then the first symptoms will appear not earlier than in 2 weeks. IN
    the beginning will be a strong itch. He especially exacerbates in the evening, night
    time. The longer the disease lasts, the stronger it will be.

    Combs and paired rashes are visible on the skin
    (2 small red dots). They are located more often on elbow bends,
    between fingers rugs, abdomen, buttocks, the inner side of the thigh. Only
    In infants, these rashes can be on the face and on the back and therefore
    more often this disease is confused with. Put the right one
    The diagnosis will help the doctor.

    Cachet treatment

    Calculate scabies not difficult. Treatment in B
    Home Conditions. To date, a lot of drugs are produced,
    which help get rid of scabies. But before the sick
    will begin to treat itself the selected tool need to take hot
    shower. Be sure to wash with soap. It is necessary in order to
    Remove from the skin of the ticks. Yes, and therapeutic drug after this
    hygienic procedure will work more efficiently. The shower is excluded
    only in the event that bubbles have already begun on the skin

    ScabiesSulfuric ointment. The smell is terrible. But this
    One of the most correct ways to get rid of scabies. Ointment rubs on
    All body (except face and head) for 10 minutes. Especially carefully
    Processing with ointment the most affected skin. Current will have to be treated
    Days. Upon completion of the treatment, you need to change all the bed, upper
    Clothes. All personal hygiene objects are better to throw away (towels, washcloths
    and T.D.). And clothing boil and stroke. Cons of this drug in
    that it smells great and treatment with it is quite long.
    If the sick skin is gentle, it is better to refuse sulfur ointment.

    Benzylbenzoate emulsion. Apply
    Approximately, as well as sulfur ointment. But with the only difference that rubbed
    will have twice with a ten-minute break and conduct this procedure
    two days. If itch does not stop using ointment and on the third day.
    Re-course if there was no result not earlier than through
    three days. With linen bedding and tortured just like in
    first case - Wash stroke or boil. Minus it
    the drug is that it turns out to be a strong irritating effect on

    Permeter. Quite effective I
    Safe preparation for the treatment of scabies. It happens enough one
    Processing. They are rubbed overnight (8-12 hours), after which it follows
    wash with soap and wear clean linen. Not to be lost in guess and
    independently choose one or another product - it is better to contact
    doctor. This will allow you to put an accurate diagnosis and choose the drug
    Individually. If in the family one person got sick scabies, - better
    Partially isolate.

    The result of treatment is completely dependent on not only from
    properly selected treatment, but also compliance with all necessary
    conditions - sanitary processing of the room, processing bed and
    underwear and t.D. Today is pharmaceutical
    Industry offers various means in the form of aerosols - they
    able to destroy all the larvae of the garlic tick. They can be applied
    For handling of outerwear, as well as disinfection of the room. Success
    treatment depends only subject to all rules.

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