Chlamydia. All about chlamydia


  • Ways of infection
  • How dangerous Chlamydia
  • Symptoms of chlamydia
  • Detection of chlamydia trachomatis
  • chlamydia Treatment
  • Prevention of chlamydia

  • Ways of infection

    Chlamydia Infection occurs most often sexually
    means. However, there is another way of infection - in bed
    underwear in the pool. But the recent path of infection is highly unlikely,
    because it is believed that chlamydia are incapable of long-term
    It is the existence of a living organism. It can also infect
    neonates during passage through the birth canal of a diseased
    mother. Older children - as a result of close contact with

    How dangerous Chlamydia

    Some would say that once the disease itself does not
    exhibits, and the treatment is not necessary. However, just deceit
    It lies in the fact that the longer chlamydia live in the body
    the person, the more time to cause damage. chlamydia hit
    mucous Chlamydia. All about chlamydiashell urethral, ​​cervical canal, fallopian tubes (generally
    may be affected by any of the mucous membranes, which have a cylindrical
    epithelium - the mouth, rectum, etc.).. They lead to acute
    inflammatory processes, which both do not treat, but do not get rid of
    Chlamydia - wing will not. Moreover, the process flow in acute
    chronic. Chlamydia most dangerous that eventually may lead to
    infertility as the female and male. According to statistics, 57% of women
    infertility, and in 87% of women who do not nurture
    pregnancy - found chlamydia.

    Just chlamydia cause cervicitis in women,
    Complications that are salpingitis and salpingoforit. Often
    there is obstruction of the fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy,
    postpartum or post-abortion endometritis. Pregnancy in a patient
    Chlamydia often occurs with complications.

    In men, complications are less than comforting. In
    They chlamydia cause epididymitis, prostatitis, vesicles, at least - proctitis.
    Chlamydia may also get to the bladder wall and cause
    hemorrhagic cystitis. Chronic inflammation of the urethra
    channel caused by Chlamydia, lead to the development of its narrowing.
    Just know that if there are infringements of chlamydial infection
    immunity. This leads to the fact that the infection becomes chronic, and
    develop various complications, such as internal diseases
    organs and joints.

    Symptoms of chlamydia

    So, often occurs Chlamydia
    asymptomatic, mainly women. It is believed that three women 4
    external signs chlamydia will not suspect. They have a chlamydia
    It determined only with a fair examination when there is suspicion
    other diseases. If symptoms is, they are characterized by
    mucous or muco-purulent discharge from the urethra. If in the process
    the disease has reached the bladder, there is often painful
    urination, mild discomfort in the suprapubic region. Sometimes
    It suffers overall health - marked weakness, slightly
    increased body temperature. But these symptoms may disappear about
    in two weeks, without any treatment. Acute chlamydia flows in
    chronic. And chlamydia lives in the body, waiting for the case to
    again remind myself.

    Detection of chlamydia trachomatis

    Chlamydia diagnosis is made only after
    laboratory research. And it held several methods
    study. Since difficult to diagnose chlamydia. For example,
    the simplest methods of examination have the accuracy of 40%. when more
    accurate surveys at the first stage of the disease in smears
    genital organs and in the samples of the joints and other organs can be
    microscopically detect the presence of Chlamydia. Suspicion for chlamydia can
    occur in several diseases. For example, the men examined at
    Chlamydia, if he contracted prostatitis, urethritis. Women
    examined if they suffer from infertility, spontaneous abortions,
    cervical erosion.

    chlamydia Treatment

    To cure chlamydia have reserved
    patience and tight purse. Antibacterials against
    Chlamydia is not as effective as usual against the bacteria. Therefore, in addition
    appointed immunomodulators, vitamins with them. And of course at the time,
    treatment have to give up sex life, and as long as
    laboratory tests do not confirm the cure. be treated by
    Chlamydia is necessary for all sexual partners. Control tests
    after the usual appointed 2 more times after 1 month. If they
    confirm the absence of the disease can begin a new life.

    Prevention of chlamydia

    The conclusion is that chlamydia is easier to prevent,
    than cure. And prevention rules are the same as in the prevention of
    All genital infections. Yes, yes, it is commonplace refusal of casual sex
    relationships, condom use. Well, or in extreme cases
    the use of special antiseptics after accidental

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