Men's Climax: What is an age androgenic deficit?


Age androgenic deficiencyHow often we hear expression «Male Climax»? What is androgenic deficiency?

B2005 Issam (International Society for Studing Aging and Health in Men) The term reflecting the process of reducing sex hormones in men — Age androgenic deficiency.

The main male sex hormone in men is Testosterone, which is rightly called «King» Gormons. While testosterone is normal, then there are no special problems: an excellent microclimate in the family, excellent quality of life, there is no deterioration in the flow of chronic diseases.

As soon as the testosterone is reduced — Many problems may arise: obesity, and with it and an increase in blood pressure, a tolerance for carbohydrates is disturbed, which leads to the development of diabetes mellitus, the quality of life suffers.

Testosterone has an impact on many organs and systems, namely: ensures the differentiation of the genital organs, supports the ripening of sperm, forms libido (sexual attraction), potency, sexual behavior, the differentiation of genital signs, affects the bone system, ensures the growth of muscle tissue, stimulates blood formation , determines the development of secondary sexual signs (pubic hare, hair growth on the face), thickening of voice ligaments (voice timbre), distribution of adipose tissue.

Reducing the development of common testosterone can begin with 35 years of age, and with it gradually begin to develop signs of age androgenic deficit. Initially, the occurrence of the age androgenic deficit content of testosterone in the blood may normally be, and clinical manifestations are already beginning to manifest.

Age androgenic deficiencyFast fatigue appears, the mood change occurs, more often with a tendency to depressions, the memory is reduced, sleep is disturbed. Along with such «Small» manifestations may occur with heartbeats, pain in the heart of various nature, blood pressure increases, arise «riding», Increased sweating, which indicates the defeat of the vegetative nervous system. Wrinkles appear, dry skin, recycling, recycled, occurs hyperpigmentation of the skin. Later signs are a decrease in sexual entry, the deterioration of the erection, the spermatogenesis impaired, which leads to infertility, there is abdominal (visceral) obesity, the dairy (breast) gland increases, anemia arises, a hormonal spectrum changes, the flow of chronic diseases that have a man are worse: Cardiovascular, endocrine diseases, lung diseases, progresses osteoporosis (the structure of bone tissue is disturbed), which may be accompanied by fractures and many other changes.

Treatment of age androgenic deficit is carried out very successfully. Of course, therapy is carried out strictly individually, under the control of the attending physician.

As a result, the restoration of the lost quality of life occurs, blood pressure is normalized, the body weight is normalized, blood sugar is normalized, the fat exchange rates are improved.

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