Cytomegalovirus infection in children


  • Congenital cytomegalovirus infection
  • The manifestations of CMV infection

  • Congenital cytomegalovirus infection

    Cytomegalovirus infection in childrenCongenital cytomegalovirus infectiondevelops in the child during the infection from the mother through the placenta or uterus in utero. If the fetus is infected with CMV at an early stage of pregnancy the fetus may die, at a later date - the child is alive, but cytomegalovirus infection, one way or another, affect the development of his body.

    According to the WHO in Europe cytomegalovirusinfection are infected and 2.5% of newborns. Indicators for Russia is slightly higher - about 4%. Most of these children are born healthy or are passive carriers of cytomegalovirus.

    Only about 17% of the infected children havevarious manifestations of cytomegalovirus infection, including the presence of jaundice, an enlarged liver, spleen, decreased hemoglobin (anemia) and other changes in the blood test, in severe cases, there are lesions of the central nervous system, eyes and ears.

    Typically, in the first hours or during the firstdays after delivery in cytomegalovirus infected child appears profuse rash on the face, trunk, extremities. There may be bleeding in the skin, mucous membranes, bleeding from the umbilical wound, blood in the stool.

    In infants with brain damage observed shake handles, convulsions, drowsiness.

    In congenital cytomegalovirus infection may be impaired vision, even blindness, seizures may be seizures, mental retardation.

    Children born to women with acute cytomegalovirus infection are tested for antibodies in the first weeks or months of life.

    Keep in mind that the discovery of the childIgG antibodies in the first three months after childbirth, it is not considered a sign of congenital cytomegalovirus, if his mother has a hidden place of virus, because these antibodies he got from his mother at birth and three months after they had gone on their own. But the detection of IgM antibodies in a child, is evidence of the acute phase of CMV infection.

    If the newborn using laboratory methods revealed congenital cytomegalovirus infection, it does not necessarily mean the development of his acute form of the disease.

    On the other hand, it may indicatethe possibility of development of late manifestations of CMV infection. Therefore, these children should be under medical supervision, to have time to promptly begin appropriate treatment for late development of CMV symptoms.

    Sometimes cytomegalovirus infection does not appearimmediately after birth, at 3-5 years old. In addition, we have shown that young children can be infected with CMV, not only from parents but also from other preschool children, usually through saliva.

    The manifestations of CMV infection

    Cytomegalovirus in children, as in adults, is often manifested signs of ARI:

    • temperature
    • cold
    • swelling of the throat
    • adenopathy
    • fast fatiguability
    • possible pneumonia
    • defeat the gastrointestinal tract, liver, endocrine glands (such as the adrenal and pituitary).

    The acute form of cytomegalovirus infection in children treated with antiviral drugs, which are "driven" cytomegalovirus in a safe, passive form.

    Recall that Private flowing at normal immunity cytomegalovirus infection is quite common and often does not bring any harm to health.

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