Diagnosis and treatment of Gardnerellize


  • Symptoms and Digosis of Gardnerellize
  • Treatment of Gardnellés

  • Symptoms and Digosis of Gardnerellize

    The risk factors for the development of Gardnerellize include:
    • Active sex life
    • Recent sexual partner change
    • Related infectious diseases, especially venereal
    • Using local contraceptive methods (candles, vaginal pills, douching, etc.)
    • Long-term treatment with antibiotics
    • Violations of hormonal background
    • General decrease in immunity
    Diagnosis and treatment of GardnerellizeDuring the gardnerellosis, normal (acidic) Wednesday vagina at the expense
    Bacteria reproduction is modified and becomes alkaline, which leads
    to inflammatory processes of external genital organs, and in chronic
    forms - small pelvis organs. The incubation period depends on
    Specific case, individual characteristics of the body, including
    His resistance, and can hesitate from 1 to 5 weeks.

    Often the disease proceeds not expressed, but the following symptoms are distinguished during gardnerellosis:
    • Redness, itching, burning
    • Increased sensitivity to water and urine
    • Health pain
    • unpleasant separation (characterized by the smell of rotten fish)
    Men are most often carriers of this disease, not suffering
    they, however, are the cases when Gardnernel has become the cause
    Development of inflammatory processes of the urethra.
    most frequent consequences, and for women, and for men, called such
    Serious complications as the development of inflammatory processes of urinary
    organs, as well as infertility. Pregnant women are at risk
    premature and complicated births at which large
    The danger of fetal infection, the development of pneumonia, meningitis and
    other diseases.

    The prevalence of Gardnerellis, its fraught is serious
    the consequences explain the need not only timely
    appeal to the doctor, but also regular preventive inspections.

    Treatment of Gardnellés

    Treatment of Gardnerellize begins with examining a patient and analyzing his complaints, after which they go to laboratory research methods.

    The diagnosis of this disease, carried out to appropriate the effective treatment of garardnerellosis, is carried out using:
    • Microscopy
    • Detecting key cells
    • analysis pH vaginal separated and other.
    To clarify the diagnosis, several techniques are used, such as,
    The identified Gardnerellas do not indicate the disease, since, being
    Conditional pathogenic, they live on the mucous membranes of the vagina
    Many women.

    The course of treatment can be divided into two parts: at the beginning, mainly for
    The bill of eubiotics of the local action is carried out by combating
    pathogenic microorganisms, and after therapy is directed to
    Restoration of normal vaginal microflora. Repeated examination
    held in a month.

    Treatment of Gardnerlese must
    Implement a specialist, since only in this case it is possible
    Accounting for the individual characteristics of the body and the selection of the course, the most
    effective for a specific situation. That is why when
    first alarming signs, you should not ignore them and do not try
    get rid of the disease independently, and consult a doctor and
    Avoid this serious undesirable consequences.

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