Symptoms of yeast infection in women. Treatment and prevention of vaginal candidiasis


Symptoms of yeast infection in women. Treatment and prevention of vaginal candidiasisApproximately 25-40% of women of childbearing agefamiliar with vaginal kadidozom (thrush). How to recognize the disease than modern medicine can help, whether it is possible to protect against thrush: find out about this in the article.

Causes of thrush

Diseases caused by fungi of the genus Candida. They are found in the vagina of many healthy women and from time to time do not create any problems. It is believed that the main cause of yeast infection - the fall of immunity: general or local. Also, risk factors include:

  • the use of sanitary napkins;
  • activity in oral sex;
  • wearing tight fitting synthetic underwear;
  • passing the course of broad spectrum antibiotics;
  • wearing a diaphragm, IUD, spermicides;
  • glucocorticoid treatment;
  • the use of birth control pills in higher doses;
  • pregnancy.

Symptoms of thrush

Women in the event of notice from the thrushhimself the appearance of vaginal discharge cheesy texture, redness, itching and burning in the vulva. Unpleasant sensations are amplified in the afternoon and at night, after showering, having sex, urinating, walking. By the way, sex and urination during thrush - a very painful process.

During pregnancy thrush dangerous its complications. It can cause miscarriage, premature birth, inflammation and rupture of membranes, low birth weight children.

Symptoms of thrush is quite characteristic, but to confirm the diagnosis your doctor may recommend to make crop.

How to treat thrush

How to treat thrushCandidiasis - unpleasant disease, but curable if it is to engage a specialist. Thrush Treatment combines pathogen destruction and strengthening the immune system.

Funds from thrush, aimed at the destruction of mushrooms produced in the form of tablets, vaginal suppositories, solutions for washing the vagina.

Women should limit the carbohydrate contentdiet, give up bad habits and the use of oral contraceptives. If during this period the patient is taking antibiotics or steroids, they must be possible to cancel.

Prevention of thrush

If there are factors that trigger the development of thrush, should be avoided. This is understandable and logical, but still worth a stop on each point separately.

  • Try to wear clothes in the everyday life ofnatural materials such cotton or silk. Skinny jeans and leggings contribute to the humidity in the intimate area. But heat and humidity - it's just that like fungi. For the same reason you should not wear a wet bathing suit for a long time;
  • adhere to hygiene of genitals. Do not use ordinary soap toilet perineum, which can disrupt the pH of the intimate zones that trigger the development of candidiasis. The same effect have scented toilet paper and tampons;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right,sport. This will help you keep the entire body, which means that the immune system in good shape. Do not believe a common myth about the positive effects of dairy products on the vaginal microflora. Kefir and yogurt - food without doubt useful, but their use has nothing to do with the species composition of microorganisms intimate zone;
  • refrain from unjustified use of antibiotics and vaginal douching. This can destroy the normal microflora of the vagina and trigger the development of thrush;
  • when using toilet paper perform wiping front to back. This will help prevent the spread of fungus from the rectum.

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