Banishing chlamydia


  • Intrigue asymptomatic
  • Without self!
  • Strengthen the defense!

  • According to statistics, the main victims of sexual infection are young
    people aged 20-30 years. Women infection affects up to five times more often
    than men. And the worst thing - is extremely difficult and chlamydia
    diagnose and treat. Does it mean that the medicine is powerless? Our
    interlocutor - the head of the department, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category,
    dermatovenerolog Olga Savelyev - does not think so.

    - Here is a typical case: I was approached by a woman complaining of pain
    lower abdomen. The patient turned out to be an inflammation of appendages. at
    further questioning the wife found out that he was for a long time
    He hid from his wife fleeting relationship. Laboratory tests have allowed
    set cunning betrayal: random mistress awarded chlamydia
    a man, and he - his wife. Recently appeared the term "three Ps" (sexually
    by acquisition) was the sign of illness for this couple.

    Intrigue asymptomatic

    Gateway for infection is usually urogenital system. Once
    the body, chlamydia can stay in the conjunctiva of the eyes, urethra, cervix
    uterine, nasal mucosa and rectum. To notice the invasion of
    microorganisms is difficult, the symptoms are often too weak. distinctly
    determine the nature of discomfort, some discomfort
    most patients can not. Only a very considerate man will pay
    account in the morning urinating on scant whitish discharge,
    who do not have a pronounced purulent character, and itching
    pain in the groin, in the scrotum. In women, there is so
    endocervite called mucous youBanishing chlamydiadivisions and burning, pain
    abdomen, malfunction of the menstrual cycle.

    And, alas, often the doctor is always followed by disease. Not surprising:
    especially infertility. Infection leads to pregnancy
    premature labor, pelvic inflammatory disease, the causative agent
    It is transmitted to infants. There is even such a thing as chlamydial
    family, when all close relatives, including young girls and
    boys who did not have sexual relations, are carriers of malicious

    Children born to a mother who suffered from chlamydia, high
    likely to develop pneumonia or a serious eye infections in the first
    few months of life, and in the future possibly irreversible damage
    lungs or joints.

    The continued presence of one of the types of intracellular parasites,
    such as Chlamydia pneumoniae, is fraught with so disadvantaged
    consequence as asthma. The effect of the bacteria proved to ischemia development,
    atherosclerosis. It happens that chlamydia cause cystitis and pyelonephritis.

    Sometimes, especially in men might be simultaneous or sequential
    defeat of urogenital organs, joints and eyes, which leads
    mostly to disability. In males, especially in the process
    urethra is involved, then the prostate gland and then develops

    For chlamydia, "silent", without disturbing the time of their masters,
    live in the body for a long time, patients are not aware of secretive
    infection. And when they find any problems, go to the experts -
    eye doctor, rheumatologist, and only after some time to come
    venereal diseases. In women, chlamydia is largely accidental discovery
    at inspection before pregnancy or during it.

    Unfortunately, despite the abundance of diagnostic methods, a single,
    Perfect has not yet been created. Used mainly analysis
    Blood and modern - a molecular genetic study. Only
    1993 Russian laboratories were equipped with special
    microscopes, which made it possible to detect a significant
    small bacteria.

    Without self!

    Nevertheless, the disease completely curable. Usually they are struggling with chlamydia
    complex - using antibiotics and immunomodulators
    Physiotherapy. This is due to the life of a microorganism. Time
    growth and development of small chlamydia - 48-72 hours. However, to detect and
    affect parasite can only during its reproduction. At the
    time chlamydia, moving through the bloodstream, infecting nearby
    cells to find and kill the aggressor is almost impossible. Like
    viruses, chlamydia at this moment insensitive, "deaf" to even the most
    powerful drugs.Banishing chlamydia

    Doctors in the hunt for the "mikrodichyu" guided by the "cold" phase of development
    bacteria using antibiotics, which are able to penetrate into the affected
    cells and to block infection there. These properties are
    tetracyclines, macrolides and quinolones.

    In uncomplicated chlamydia doxycycline is usually prescribed for 10
    days. Because macrolides only drug that can be used
    count on getting rid of chlamydial infection after one course
    treatment is azithromycin (sumamed). Less effective is
    erythromycin, but its advantage - proved by half a century of practice
    safety in the treatment of pregnant women.

    Given the tendency of Russians to self, I want to warn against
    the use of antibiotics without medical supervision. In this way infection
    It is pushed inside, and in the future to do something with it already is
    very difficult. Tactics for controlling the disease chooses a doctor, and every
    once it is determined individually, taking into account various factors.

    By the way, during treatment and for one week after treatment, patients
    We should abstain from sex to avoid becoming
    distributors chlamydia. Only after the test analysis
    cure patients and their sexual partners survey the doctor can
    to give "good" to "protected" sex in order to avoid recurrence of chlamydia.

    Strengthen the defense!

    Since chlamydia infection occurs usually when loosening
    immunity, strengthen the body's defenses - one of the most important tasks
    treatment. After harmful bacteria have a negative impact on
    immune system. Naturally, the doctor uses in treatment
    urogenital chlamydiosis immunomodulators such as polyoxidonium,
    taktivin, timalin, derinat.

    Great help in the restoration of certain functions of the damaged
    the body providing vegetable adaptogens. Echinacea, ginseng,
    Leuzea, lemongrass, cranberry, lemon, sea buckthorn oil - all of these natural
    medication perfectly stimulate the strengthening of "attenuated level."

    For the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and recreation
    antibiotics destroys the intestinal flora is very useful lactic
    products (fat, salted, smoked, by the way, in general excluded)
    Bile herbal.

    Here is an example choleretic tea:
    tablespoon of the mixture of grass celandine, chamomile flowers
    pharmacy, watch trifoliate leaves (all equally) to make a glass
    boiling water, leave, wrapped, 1 hour, drink a third cup twice a day
    an hour after eating. You can make a similar infusion of collection
    celandine herbs, thoroughwax golden leaves of peppermint. Drink this
    "Tea" should be a glass in the morning and evening for half an hour before meals.
    No less effective in people considered to be "killer" for juices parasites
    cranberry, dark skin and wild crops of grapes, cranberries,
    bramble, raspberry, red beets, blueberries, black currants.

    even that necessary procedures such as baths and lubrication pockets of
    defeat drugs. Women require
    douching of the genital area anti-inflammatory chamomile extract,
    marigold, sage and other herbs. Healers recommend douching or
    Use tampons with garlic extract as
    antiparasitic agents. To prepare ground
    5-6 garlic cloves kept overnight in a beaker of cold water.

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