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  • Symptoms of suppurative arthritis
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  • Symptoms of suppurative arthritis

    Arthritis usually appear 10-30 days after the onset of acute gonococcal urethritis (inflammation of the mucosa of the urethra) or a few months in chronicgonorrheal urethritis, prostatitis, an inflammation of appendages. In some cases, especially in women with undiagnosed gonorrhea, arthritis may be the first manifestation of its clear, with provoking moments often childbirth, abortion, menstruation. Start of arthritis is usually an acute, clinical picture unfolds entirely within a few days. The disease occurs on oligoarthritis type (polyarthritis with defeat only a few (two or three) of the joints), Rarely - arthritis (a disease in which articular cartilage is destroyed); often affects the knee, ankle, elbow and wrist joints. Characterized by a pronounced, sometimes excruciating, pain, local redness and raising its temperature.

    gonococcal arthritis
    Radiological findings in acute or subacutegonococcal arthritis, osteoporosis, sometimes very pronounced ( "glass") is detected early in the disease. Exodus gonococcal arthritis is often a secondary deforming osteoarthritis. It is important to make an appointment therapy bacteriological crop of synovial fluid, followed by identification of the isolated microorganism.

    The diagnosis of gonococcal arthritis may be considered completely proved upon detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the joint. In other cases, the diagnosis is based on the arthritis due to urogenital gonorrhea.

    Acute gonococcal arthritis must be distinguished frominfiktsionnyh arthritis other origin (staphylococcus and so on. d.), especially when there is no conclusive evidence of a link with gonococcal infection. It is particularly difficult to distinguish gonococcal arthritis arthritis with Reiter's syndrome. In favor of the latter show symptoms of the eye (conjunctivitis), oral mucosa and skin (keratoderma blednoragicheskaya), virus isolation organisms (galprovy or benzony).

    gonococcal arthritis treatment

    In the acute phase - calm and comfortable positionaffected limb using pads or rolls, dry heat on the joint. Assign penicillin 1-2 million units per day or inside tetracycline 250 mg four times a day for 7 to 10 days. Recommend repeated daily aspiration (suction) of synovial fluid (purulent arthritis), and receive anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, reopirin, phenylbutazone, acetylsalicylic acid, and others.). In the absence of the effect of other drugs, protracted course of arthritis, expressed pain syndrome at purulent arthritis permissible use of corticosteroids.

    When calming inflammationsystematically prescribe muscle massage and physiotherapy, physical therapy procedures (solljuks, diathermy, paraffin baths). Spa treatment with mud applications shown in the residual problems in the joints.

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