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    Mycoplasmosis - for many not quite understandable diagnosis. Someone
    I heard something, but what it threatens, not everyone knows. But mycoplasmosis exists and can bring a lot of troubles like
    women and men. It is especially unpleasant that infection can affect the future child.
    And since mycoplasma is transmitted most often in sexual path, it is very important
    observe sexual hygiene and in time to examine in suspect
    any infection.

    Mycoplasmosis is sharp
    an infectious disease in which respiratory and

    The mycoplasmosis is caused by mycoplasmas
    About 40 species. But the most dangerous for humans are mycoplasms,
    affecting respiratory and urinary organs. Mycoplasma can be transmitted
    sex, domestic, air-drip, as well as intrauterine (from the mother of the fetus)
    way. Very often, mycoplasma perfectly get along in the body with other microorganisms transmitting sexually
    - chlamydia, trichomonas, gonococci and others.

    Mikopolmosis of respiratory tract
    Infection usually occurs with airborne droplets from
    Patient man. Incubation period (time from the moment of infection before the start
    Diseases) - from one to four weeks. The disease usually flows either as
    acute respiratory disease or in the form of lung inflammation.

    Mycoplasmosis, treatment and prevention
    Acute respiratory disease occurs more often easily, with gradual start. Appears
    dryness and throat, nasal congestion, runny nose. Cough is not a permanent, parlor, continues 1-2
    weeks. Increased temperature (up to 38º) can stay from a few days before
    weeks, a slight increase in temperature in some cases keeps up to 2-3 weeks.

    Inflammation of the lungs also begins gradually with acute
    respiratory disease, but after 3-4 days the temperature increases sharply (to
    39-40º), which keeps a few days, after which it is reduced and small
    Raising can hold a long time. Cough at first dry, then with

    Mycoplasmosis of urinary organs.
    Infection occurs sex and domestic (very rarely) by.
    Incubation period - from three days to five weeks. The course of the disease is usually
    originally proceeds chronically, often - asymptomatic.

    In men, this is manifested by the appearance in the mornings of a small
    The amount of sequencing from the urethra or pulling pain in Pakhova
    area and redness of the skin of the scrotum when
    transition infection on appendages eggs. At the same time, spermatozoa can change some of their properties.

    Mycoplasmosis in women often proceeds asymptomatic. In the acute course of the disease in a woman
    Can appear white or
    yellow, soreness, burning sensation
    urination and sexual act, pain at the bottom of the abdomen, in the area of ​​the belt. Mycoplasmosis can cause premature
    childbirth, early extinguishing of the oily water, fever during childbirth and in
    The postpartum period of mothers, the development of inflammation of lungs and brain defeat in children.

    The cunning of mycoplasma infections is that the infection does not always lead to the disease.
    There is a carrier of infection with healthy people with good immunity, and
    also hidden forms of the disease. All this contributes to further
    Distribution of the disease.

    Male mycoplasmosis threatens changing the structure of sperm and

    In women, mycoplasmosis is dangerous by what can be transmitted
    fruit during pregnancy. If the fetus infection occurred in the early time
    pregnancy, then a spontaneous abortion is possible, in the later - intrauterine
    Fruit infection with pneumonia and brain damage.

    How to treat mycoplasmosis

    Mycoplasmosis is usually good to treat. But a feature
    His is that most often he is striking men and women with impaired protective
    body forces (immunity).

    Therefore, treatment is not such a simple
    The task, it must be carried out in the medical institution and include in

    • antibacterial therapy (antibiotics that are assigned
      Only after analysis on the sensitivity to them mycoplasmas);
      • funds that strengthen immunity and possessing
        a lining action;
      • at uroobolov
        Mycoplasmosis - Conducting local anti-inflammatory treatment (bath,
        Drafting, candles, ointments and t.D.).

      Criterion of curability in the urogenital mycoplasmosis is
      Lack of mycoplasmas under laboratory research. For this after 10 days
      After the treatment, analysis is carried out for the presence of mycoplasmas (sowing material
      on special environments). Then the same crops are held three times with
      Interval in one month immediately before the start of menstruation.

      How to prevent mycoplasmosis

      Prevention in the urogenital mycoplasmosis includes:

      • compliance with sexual hygiene;
      • Timely examination when symptoms of the disease and a complete refusal
        from self-medication;
      • Examination by
        urogenital infection of marriage, pregnant and newborns;
      • Compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological regime in
        pools (disinfection of water).

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