Cyst, a cyst again ... Rules


  • Necessary tests
  • Rule one: self-healing - a firm "no"!
  • Rule two: hold the stomach in the cold

  • Cyst, a cyst again ... RulesNecessary tests

    Let us assume that the gynecologist revealed a cyst in a womanovary. What to do in this case? Firstly, it is necessary to pass the test for CA-125. If it is positive, then you have a cyst removed surgically, and the operation should be done as soon as possible. Such haste is necessary in order to get rid of education, dangerous in terms of malignant transformation. That it is detected by CA-125.

    If the test result is negative, forcyst should be monitored for 3-4 months. If during this time, it will increase or remain the same dimensions, the woman again offered surgical treatment. If in the course of monitoring the cyst has decreased, it is possible to do without a scalpel.

    Rule one: self-healing - a firm "no"!

    Explains the different treatment strategy veryjust. The fact that there are different cysts, including functional. last appearance is due to hormonal imbalance or impaired ovarian function. Such formations disappear on their own within a few weeks or months. The patient can spend all the time in a passive expectation of recovery.

    And it may happen that a woman doctor may prescribe hormone therapy, which will help get rid of the cysts.Cyst, a cyst again ... Rules Usually, we recommend taking individually selected oral contraceptives. But they can be taken only by prescription gynecologist or even better - a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

    Hence the first rule: woman with ovarian cysts in any case should not take hormones without first talking to your doctor. The fact that such drugs can be of several varieties. Some of them may reduce the size of the brush, and the other - zoom in and zoom out periods of convalescence.

    Rule two: hold the stomach in the cold

    The woman observed on the cyst shouldavoid heat treatments on the abdomen. In this case, the enhanced blood circulation in the pelvic organs, including the ovaries. And this just to be avoided, not otherwise excluded cyst growth and even its rupture.

    • That is why when a problem can not be done a number of mud treatments.
    • Nor can it be carried out and all kinds ofwraps, including algae. They have on the area of ​​application not only thermal, but also compressive force, which can also be detrimental affect on the hands, especially if she has a large size.
    • We do not recommend use of the sauna.
    • Even more desirable is a trip to the steam room. It is considered a remedy for many ailments, but only if the damage can cause ovarian cysts. Indeed, during a long stay in a humid and hot air the body overheats, even more than in the sauna.
    • Do not even take a hot bath, it is better to replace a warm shower.
    • To the list of unwanted things trueexposure to the sun. To treat yourself to ultraviolet light as possible, but should only be sunbathing in the morning or evening hours - before 11.00 or after 18.00 - not more than an hour.
    • In the solarium you can walk for 5-10 minutes 1 time per week. And only in a swimsuit sunbathing.
    • The practice of sport at the ovarian cyst can be, butwe must abandon those exercises that trigger the appearance of a negative pressure in the abdominal cavity. This occurs when the load on the straight and obliques. That is why the need to drastically reduce all variations on the theme of "the rise of the trunk from a prone position" and "the rise of the legs from the supine position."

    It is necessary to strictly observe all precautions. It is better to be safe and feel safe than sorry on your own thoughtlessness.

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