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  • Feminine pads
  • The principle of the composition of women's pads
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  • Feminine pads

    Women's gaskets firmly entered the life of each modern woman, as they are an indispensable tool of personal hygiene. They help feel more confident, especially in the conditions of the current active rhythm of life. The history of female pads goes far away in antiquity. At different times and different nationalities, papyrus, wool, pieces of matter, paper, deer moss, etc. were used for this purpose. In the industrial way, women's gaskets began to be made in 19 in. The price of disposable female pads of that time was quite moderate, which allowed even low-income women to use their advantages in everyday life.

    The principle of the composition of women's pads

    Gasket - Women's Secret WeaponThe principle of female gaskets has practically not changed with time. What has changed dramatically, this is the materials used and the anatomical form of the gaskets themselves. From the very beginning of the production, women's gaskets consisted of top tissue (or made of fine paper) layer, then the absorbent inner part and the lower rubber or cellophane layer. Preventing displacement of the adhesive layer at the bottom of the gasket appeared much later, but his quality left much to be desired, so the deficiencies have laughed a long time.

    Modern hygienic pads are the result of hundreds of specialists who participate in constant updating and improving this female hygiene. This appeared a new version of the upper layer of a female gasket, which has elevated adsorbing properties and does not allow the fluid to go back. Due to this, the laying surface remains dry, which prevents skin irritation and does not cause discomfort when used. Modern manufacturers are used for the top layer extracts of various plants, such as chamomile or aloe, and the innovative material itself was called Top Dry and is made in the form of a smallest three-dimensional mesh.

    Absorbing a layer

    As an absorbent layer, it is used as cellulose, which is a classic variant and modern absorbing components, when contacting with which the liquid becomes gel-like.

    For better and uniform distribution of fluid over the entire surface of the gasket, manufacturers use embossing technology. The anatomical shape of the gasket makes them very convenient to use and does not create a sense of their constant presence.

    Undoubted advantages have so-called «Wings», which protect underwear from pollution and allow the female laying, in combination with the lower adhesive layer, do not shift during their use. Additional linen protection is provided with a more elongated female gasket size. Also, modern women's gaskets are conveniently selected at the required level of absorption.

    In the last decade, manufacturers of female pads have established the release of flavored gaskets, which completely exclude the appearance of unpleasant odor during critical days.

    Separately, it should be noted the production of daily female pads. Modern technologies allowed to create an ultra-thin version of the daily gasket, which is absolutely not felt when used and does not cause any unpleasant sensations. To provide consumers of maximum comfort sensations, manufacturers are used to produce the upper layer of daily gaskets soft, non-skin irritation material Soft Lace or its other modern analogues.

    Modern women's gaskets allow a woman to feel confident and comfortable on any day.

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