Intimate hygiene in the critical days


  • Means for intimate hygiene
  • Using spacers
  • We take care of themselves properly

  • Intimate hygiene in the critical daysThe vaginal microflora perform protective lactobacilli. Under the influence of various factors, the number of these beneficial microbes can be reduced, and the number of dangerous, on the contrary - to grow.
    According to experts, during the month microflora more susceptible to various infections.

    But do not worry, just need to follow the simple and useful tips that will help women to avoid unpleasant consequences.

    Means for intimate hygiene

    Cleanliness is the most important thing. Conventional toilet soaps containing glycerin are not suitable for personal hygiene, however, like shower gels. The constituent components can destroy the acidic environment of the genitals, thereby making a woman defenseless against infections.

    Means for intimate hygiene should be softand hypoallergenic, so as not to expose the mucous membrane irritation and exhaustion, not cause itching and dryness. Gynecologists recommend the use of funds for personal hygiene, which are presented in pharmacies, for example, Laktagel.

    Using spacers

    Keep in mind that any gasket, whatever"Ultra-modern" and secure it is, you still need to change after four or five hours of use. If we are talking about heavy monthly - after two or three hours. Only in this way you save yourself from the risk of infection.

    Hydrotherapy treatments are recommended two or threetimes per day without using scouring pads and sponges. If conditions do not allow to take a shower, you can use wet wipes for personal hygiene.

    Before and after menstruation, many womentend to abuse daily pads. Their use is possible, but only to a reasonable extent. Even the most “breathable” gasket is inevitably a “hotbed” of pathogenic microorganisms.

    For intimate hygiene in women should be your towel, it is desirable from a soft cotton cloth.

    We take care of themselves properly

    Should sexually active during menstruation? This question is often asked the woman on reception at the gynecologist. As a rule, the unequivocal answer does not give the doctor.
    Every woman has their own preferences: someone thinks it is extremely unhygienic for someone menstruation - not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure. However, you should know about the main red sex in "critical days" - a high probability of infection, and for both partners. Blood - a favorable environment for bacteria.

    For those who can not resist, even in these days of temptation, there is a simple advice: be sure to observe the rules of hygiene before and after sexual intercourse, always use a condom.

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