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allergy survival guide springIn the midst of spring, many families are selected in the park,shore of the lake, or even to the country. Picnics, playing outdoors or even the first - the most gentle! - Sunburn of the season - what else could you ask for? However, some - according to various estimates from 20 to 35 percent of people - choose to spend a pleasant time in the four walls. Allergies to pollen, or hay fever - that the perpetrator of their forced confinement.

Get rid of the allergic reaction is completelyit is very difficult - it is a comprehensive response to the body's immune system to external factors. However, fortunately, today there is no reason to wait to close an excellent weather at home - there are treatments that can help not just suppress the symptoms have arisen, but also save you from their appearance.

How it works?

The cause an allergic reaction in the bodyis the penetration into the body of the particles that the immune system is considered alien and harmful. This may be pollen or dust or other air allergens - as soon as they enter the body, the immune response reaction begins. Nasal congestion, watery or itchy eyes, sneezing - all his signs. Traditional means fighting primarily to them, for suppressing allergic reactions in the body. Those who suffer from food allergies - such as gluten intolerance or walnuts or Orange, for a long time came up with a way to get rid of them: it is enough simply to avoid falling into the food products that cause allergies. Make it to the smallest particles, which are contained in the air is much more difficult - but not impossible, as proven by the creators of the new facility from allergies "Prevalin"

allergy survival guide springThe action is based on a special Prevalinaformula thixotropic preparation. In repose Prevalin is a gel, but it is necessary to shake vigorously before using the drug, it becomes a liquid and easily sprayed on the nasal mucosa. Prevalin captures allergens in the nasal mucous, blocking their entry into the body, and allergens are displayed naturally. An important feature "Prevalina" is that, unlike antihistamines, it acts not only topically and into the bloodstream. That is why it has no side effects, many of which do not like antiallergic agents: sleepiness and decreased concentration will not bother you. For the same reason, "Prevalin" has no contraindications to the use - it can even be used by pregnant and nursing women, the elderly, athletes, air traffic controllers and drivers. Especially for children there is a children's version of the drug - "Prevalin Kids" with a nozzle and dosage, specially adapted for tiny nozzles.

allergy survival guide springUnder ideal conditions, it is recommended to use"Prevalinom" before the first expected exposure to the allergen - that is, for a couple of hours before flowering plants, on which you develop a reaction, or before entering the dusty room where pets live. But the reality is not always possible to accurately predict when it comes into contact with an allergen, so it is best to use the "Prevalinom" as soon as you feel the first signs of allergy. Do not wait until they become obvious - the timely application will not prevent the deterioration of the situation.

To the defense was the most reliable,you must use the "Prevalin" 3-4 times a day. Ideally, do it after you wake up, before you go to bed, and between these reference points. Thus, protection against ingress of allergens into the body will be maximum.

If you feel that you have an allergyfully developed, use the "Prevalin" along with antihistamines. In this case, the last extinguish allergy inside the body, and "Prevalin" to prevent further contact with the allergen.

Result - Spring will not pass by you, and seasonal allergies at the same time you will bypass side. Definitely, it is a plan, which should be given a chance.

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allergy survival guide spring

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