Updation and rules for the procedure


  • Opportal use
  • How to start to lean and how to do it right
  • Pouring children
  • Contraindications to pouring

  • Prepare a bucket of cold water and read, why do you need pouring. And before going to the shower to be lined, read how to do it right.

    Of course, the sooner it is to be imposed, the stronger will be health. But the pouring of children in the modern world is not popular. Children are afraid to shine, and therefore ride and water only warm water. But if you teach children to pour from birth, they will grow adults that did not hear about any «scary» drafts and colds.

    Opportal use

    The benefits of druising and rulesPouring treats many diseases.

    If you pour your hands and legs, you can get rid of the arthritis of the inline stage, not to mention their prevention.

    Pouring back — This prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis. Cold water improves blood circulation, strengthens the nervous system (which is especially important to women experiencing monthly hormonal oscillations) and helps to normalize sleep.

    If you pour the bottom of the body, men will improve potency. All useful body downtry to the belt to get rid of problems with the intestines and vascular diseases.

    Pouring the top of the body contributes to getting rid of pulmonary problems and general imminent strengthening.

    Owning the head (is carried out separately from druising the whole body) eliminates headaches, helps improve memory and highly recommended all students and intellectual labor workers.

    Pouring good and in cosmetology purposes. Pouring improves the complexion, narrows pores, pulls the skin. Since blood flow to the skin is intensified, collagen production is stimulated — And the skin becomes a healthy look.

    How to start to lean and how to do it right

    If you never dreamed, start with slightly cool water. Every three days lower the water temperature by five degrees.

    It should be lined not with a jet of the shower, but by gaining water in a pelvis or bucket. Pouring water needs sharply so that it falls on the body and flows with a solid stream.

    If you are scared to start dialing the whole body, try starting with legs and hands. After a warm soul, pour out a few liters of water to your feet, and then in hand. Then immediately rip the towel.

    Starting the poultry, it is impossible to stop them. First, pauses are reduced to no whole therapeutic effect from cold water. Secondly, you will be happy to get used to the cold again.

    Pouring children

    Pouring children of any age. The difference is only in the duration of the transition from almost warm water to pour to cold.

    Newborn first bathe in warm water (traditionally 37–38 degrees). After which the capacity with water is prepared 27–28 degrees and begin to pour legs first, then the back to the neck. Every few days, reduce the water temperature for pouring one degree, gradually bringing it to 18–20 degrees.

    Older kids can be offered a game in which the legs first bathe in the pelvis with warm water (three minutes) and then — 10 seconds in the pelvis with very cold. Gradually, as the child starts to receive pleasure from the procedures, go to the pouring of the whole child (without a head).

    An important rule: it is possible to pour cold water only a very warm child. If it is cold in the room, at first let it bathe in a hot bath, and then go to poultry.

    Contraindications to pouring

    • Obligations can not be carried out during periods of exacerbation of any diseases.
    • Delivered if there are ulcers and inflammation on the skin.
    • At the time of colds and flupent fluids need to be suspended. The exceptions are the first two days of light cold, when the thought of pouring does not cause you disgust.
    • Do not do velocity at elevated eye pressure. Temperature drops provoke pressure fluctuations.
    • The same applies to hypertension and hypotension in the stages of oscillations.
    • Ischemic heart disease, heart failure and tachycardia — Direct contraindications to pouring.

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