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Everything has its time

No vain says folk wisdom: all his time. There is a time to break the knees and wear a bike, there is a time to fall in love and build a career, there is time to raise grandchildren and teach young people of wisdom. Everything is good when it happens in a timely manner, otherwise we are waiting for trouble… The same can be said about childhood diseases that have not transferred at the age of 3-7 years old - measles, steam (swine) and wind pump (windmill). If the child fell ill with a windmill, the birth must be quick. This article examines the features of the windmill in adults.

Sooner or later, a teenager, young or even quite mature man, and not acquired immunity against this children's hands, comes into contact with the carrier of the causative agent of the disease in a contagious phase. It may be a child of neighbors, the baby, who rushes next to you in a minibus, a little niece, younger brother or even your own grandson. Children's diseases for an adult are the stage passed, so few of the newly infected can connect general weakness and lethargy with the first symptoms of the windmill. And only the presence of all increasing rash, heavy itching in places of rash and the temperature will make a person consult a doctor.

How the windmill manifests in adults

If sick with a windmill adultSo, you have much more than 7 years old and you have just diagnosed «chickenpox». Start, because childhood diseases, hitting an adult organism unprotected by immunity, behave very aggressively. This is fraught with stronger rash, high temperature, painful swallowing and common decay of forces.

Do not forget, windmill non-hazardous, but very infectious disease. Do not leave the house of the entire quarantine period (about two weeks), eliminate contacts with all who did not hurt the windmill earlier, regardless of their age, otherwise you can become a source of an entire epidemic.

Be prepared for the fact that the rashes will appear everywhere - on the body, face, hands and legs, in the scalp, on the mucous, tongue, nose, and even in the perineum. Rash will switch to 2-3 mm blisters in diameter that will be painfully hidden. In no case do not comb them, no matter how difficult it is! Your aesthetic view in the future depends on your excerpt.

Blisters that remained intact and disappeared naturally, do not leave after traces. Blisters combed or damaged leave behind a deep hole (in some such holes it easily includes a match head and part of the very match), which remains on the skin for life, only slightly smoothing over time.

Treatment of windmills in adults

The likelihood of the fact that your doctor will strongly recommend that you lubricate everything (!) Blisters with a solution of diamond green (in the people «Zelenk») or fuccin («Red Zelenk»). Collect the will in the fist and morally prepare for the fact that a couple of weeks in this life you will have to stay in the green or red spot accordingly.

Rash from windmill can not wet. In no case do not take a bath or shower before it takes 3 days from the moment the last blisters appear - this is fraught with serious complications! Maximum allowance is only intimate hygiene.

To remove or even easier itching, take one diazoline dragey after eating in the morning and in the evening. Since this drug also has a sleeping pills on most people, you can sleep most of the most severe first week of the windmill, less suffering and minimally injured blisters.

Closer to the end of 2 weeks blisters «Sweet», get dry and start to crumble, leaving in its place the mug of gentle-pink skin sensitive to temperature drops. Being the temptation to speed up the process of exfoliation, otherwise Schmick will remain on the spot that the blister has not yet fully, and if it is an area of ​​eyebrows, mustache and beard, then the ugly propellant.

About 1-1.5 months, your gentle skin on the site of the blister will differ from the main shade, and after the overtakers overtake you with the intake of the windmill, only memories will remain over which with time, I am sure you can laugh.

In short, warned - it means armed! be healthy!

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