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  • opisthorchiasis

    Opisthorchiasis - a chronic helminthiasis with primary
    liver disease of the bile ducts and pancreas. Most
    large infestation by opisthorchiasis area - Pool Ob and Irtysh
    in Western Siberia and eastern Kazakhstan. opisthorchiasis common
    also in the basins of the Kama and Volga, Northern Dvina, Dnieper, found in
    the central regions of the European part of Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States,
    Eastern Europe, in Germany.

    Opisthorchiasis a child
    Opisthorchiasis - common among fish-eating animals, but more often a source of
    infection is man. Infection occurs through ingestion of raw,
    frozen, salted, dried fish (roach, bream, carp). exciter
    opisthorchiasis - flatworm. Opistorhisov in humans and mammals
    animals live in the bile ducts of the liver and pancreatic ducts
    gland, releasing the eggs into the ducts. With bile, pancreatic juice, eggs
    reach the intestine and faeces - the environment.

    In children with acute opisthorchiasis distinguish asymptomatic,
    erased and clinical form of the disease, and among chronic opisthorchiasis -
    sluggish and symptomatic forms.

    What are the symptoms in children opisthorchiasis

    Symptoms begin with a temperature rise, abdominal pain (usually
    just the right upper quadrant), and sometimes a skin rash, redness
    upper respiratory tract, upset his chair. Characteristic changes in the
    blood. Chronic stage opisthorchiasis in children manifests itself
    gastrointestinal disorders, in approximately 30% of children developed
    chronic fatigue, fatigue and malaise. In young children,
    reveal slowing development, reduced power, an unstable chair,
    violation of appetite, mild liver enlargement, blood analysis, there is a tendency to anemia (hemoglobin decrease).

    How is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment in children opisthorchiasis

    The main method opisthorchiasis prevention in children is the use of fish in the heat-treated form.

    Acute opistorhoz diagnosed according to consumption
    raw fish, characteristic symptoms (fever, skin
    rash), as well as characteristic changes in the blood. The diagnosis is confirmed
    detection of parasite eggs in feces.

    opisthorchiasis treatment in the acute phase of a high fever,
    organ lesions begin to alleviate these symptoms, apply
    antihistamines (suprastin, tavegil) to reduce skin
    rashes. In severe cases of hormone therapy is used in moderation
    doses for 5-7 days with a quick lifting of the drug. then give
    worming medication. Monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment is carried out
    after 3 and 6 months of study 3x faeces.

    Forecast opisthorchiasis in children with early diagnosis and rational treatment favorable.

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