Do not panic! Salvation!


Do not panic! Salvation!Alarm is ready to explode, and I finally get up,putting tremendous efforts. I staggered my way to the bathroom, bumping into all the existing apartment in the corners. Yeah, Vidocq, as they say, leaves much to be ... Maybe save a cup of coffee? Something I hate to poznablivaet, I want to wrap myself up in something woolen and dive back into bed. Found a favorite stole and turned them, hiding even the nose. Despite the late autumn, the sun outside the window, the house warm, but I Kuta, like an old woman, and I can not get warm. Perhaps fatigued ... From the coffee was not the best. It senses weakness and chills added another and a sore throat. Yes, most likely it is not just tiredness ...

Oh, how did it all out of place! Today, so many things planned, but not the strength to even out to freshen up. First meeting with Katya and Oleg to discuss a joint project, then interview at HR-agency about very interested in my job. Not every company is willing to take the young specialist, and if all requirements are specifically for me, and promise a good salary ... And in the evening - the day my girlfriend Marina birth, and at the party was so anxious to see a very, very important for a person to me. .. it is so important that ... it's not worth it to appear with red eyes and sniffling! Yes, and his nose suddenly strongly expressed their concerns. Ah-pchhi !!! Hello, nose! What am I to do with you? Maybe, heat the milk with honey? They say it helps ... but I hate this drink since childhood - I can not stand scum! And what else people are treated? Raspberry jam, biscuits ... So, this is something of recipes Carlson ... The only thing that comes into my head aching from the pain - is to lie down and fall asleep in an embrace with the beloved bear Sirloin. Ah, the bear, and how can I be? Sitting at home for a week ?!

ErgoferonSimilar troubles often usedbroke all my plans. Depressing, and that the disease lay in wait for me at the most inopportune moments. But now, as soon as I felt the first symptoms of influenza or SARS, I accept Ergoferon®, Comprehensive antiviral drug. Ergoferon® acts not only on the cause, but symptomsdiseases. He fights with the pathogens viruses, improves the immune system, reduces swelling of mucous membranes of the nose and throat, improves the general condition of the body. Also, do not need to buy an entire pharmacy gallery - there are several medicinal properties successfully combined in a single preparation. Bear Phil, milk with honey and jam - not the most reliable options when you need to recover as quickly as possible. It will be wiser to postpone important meetings and lie down quietly at home, giving Ergoferonu® the opportunity to make his case. Influenza and other viral infections are treated, they do not leave voluntarily.

... By the way, the very, very important person, not meeting me at a party, the next day he called. Incidentally, about Ergoferon® just something he told me. And soon we will celebrate the first anniversary of our relationship!

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