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  • Development of the disease contribute to
    hypothermia (the highest number of cases noted in
    cold season), reducing the body's resistance,
    vitamin deficiencies; Herpes is often compared to other diseases
    (Flu, pneumonia, malaria, etc.). Outbreaks are possible in herpes simplex
    the hottest time of overheating when the people in the sun.

    How to distinguish independent disease herpes simplex (the so-called fever) and herpes zoster (shingles).

    herpes simplex

    What is herpes?Infection with herpes simplex virus prior to occur in the period
    newborn, but the disease does not occur due to the presence
    immunity obtained from the child's mother. By the end of the first year of life
    This weakens the immune system and can under adverse conditions
    develop the disease. Once in the body of herpes simplex virus
    persists throughout a person's life (the so-called chronic
    carriers of the virus).

    Herpes simplex is shown
    as a group crowded with small bubbles to clear content
    inflamed basis, typically on the lips, nose wings may be
    amazed mucous membrane of the mouth, eyes, genitals and other.
    bubbles rash preceded by a small itching or burning of the skin, sometimes
    - A slight fever, a slight malaise, gastrointestinal disorder
    gastrointestinal tract (especially in children). In rare severe cases,
    small children can be a defeat of the internal organs, nervous
    system, in this case, the disease progresses with heat and
    violation of the child's general condition. Usually within 7 to 10 days, the bubbles
    shrivel in the crust, which then rejected, remain unstable
    pink or brown spots. Sometimes herpes takes retsidivnruyuschee
    for, t. e. rashes occur again after a short period
    time, usually in the same place as the first time (recurrent herpes).

    herpes zoster

    Called by the varicella-zoster virus. They are ill adults only; children to
    10 years of the disease practically does not occur, but the children,
    in contact with a patient with herpes zoster, may be ill
    varicella. The causative agent of herpes zoster affects not only
    skin, and nerves; therefore usually the first symptoms of pain in the course of
    nerve (eg, intercostal, hip), who hit by a virus, and
    and headache. After a few days the skin area during the
    affected nerve (usually on one side of the body) rashes appear in
    as grouped vesicles with the first transparent, and then purulent,
    sometimes bloody content in the inflamed, swollen base.
    Increasing the nearby lymph nodes, fever
    body, violated the general condition of the patient. With 6-8-th day of the bubbles
    begin to dry, covered with crusts; 2-5 weeks of disease
    passes, Elderly, debilitated people neuralgic pain along
    nerve can be kept long after the disappearance of the rash.

    herpes Treatment

    Held by a physician. In less severe herpes simplex and localization
    sores on the lips, the nose wings if bubbles do not apply
    the patient's condition is not violated, in order to avoid spread of the virus
    You can lubricate the bubbles 1-2 times a day with a solution of methylene blue
    or brilliant green, antiviral oxolinic ointment. at
    localization of lesions in the genital organs, the eyes, the mouth, with
    general condition of the patient and the disorder in the case of recurrent
    flow, as well as herpes zoster is necessary to carry out treatment
    under the constant supervision of a physician. Patients with herpes is recommended to heat
    dress, avoid cooling. The patient with herpes zoster in
    the height of the disease must comply with bed rest. Food should
    be rich in vitamins, especially group B. With the defeat of the mucous
    mucosa on doctor's advice frequent rinses are used.

    Herbal Herpes Treatment

    the first sign of fever on the lips is recommended 2-3 times a day
    wound on a match cotton wool to remove with this swab from ear
    little sulfur and thoroughly rub it into the sore spots. After such 3.2
    disease runs procedures.

    Swimming - one of the best treatments for herpes. Best for
    this purpose suitable sour or salty water or sea foam.
    It also helps herpes lubrication oil of bitter almonds.

    Herpes can be lubricated 2-3 times a day ointment 100 g of honey and 1 tbsp. l., garlic ash.
    When herpes helps to lubricate the affected places 1-2 times a day with bread, mixed with water and salt, or compresses the mixture.

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